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Biden’s Policies Endanger The U.S. Far More Than One Hamas-Supporting Immigration Official

The policies that have led to our nation’s failure on multiple fronts are not being fixed. They are the problem, not their figureheads.


On Oct. 18, the intrepid Daily Wire reporter Luke Rosiak outed a former Palestinian spokeswoman and open Hamas supporter as an employee of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security tasked with “vetting” immigrants and asylum seekers. He followed up to report Nejwa Ali is now on administrative leave — no word on whether that includes full pay and benefits.

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that someone who supports terrorism should not be employed by any national security agency, let alone given the power to determine who enters the U.S. At the same time, suspending Ali while probably still paying her is just a symbol, while the underlying policy of ushering across our border people who hate America remains firm. It’s tokenism.

Just consider the fact that Ali’s fellow DHS employees donated 70 percent of their 2020 political contributions to Democrats. If she does end up out of this job, the odds are another person who hates America will replace her. Democrats as a party now openly state their hatred for America by constantly smearing it as “racist” and “oppressive.” Their immigration policies admit similarly-minded people, starting with the reality that anyone who enters this country illegally thereby demonstrates contempt for the United States and its people.

Ali’s own history is more proof. Rosiak writes that Ali “is from Dearborn, Michigan, a hotbed of unassimilated immigrants where thousands reportedly took to the streets in support of the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel.” Dearborn’s mayor immediately responded to Hamas’s barbaric attacks on unarmed women and children by blaming…Israel.

Dearborn is approximately half comprised of immigrants from majority-Muslim countries. Their immigration poses obvious national security concerns given the propensity of these groups to favor and excuse terrorism, as Mayor Abdullah Hammoud did. Not surprisingly, to anyone who knows politics, Dearborn is considered a “Democrat stronghold” in Michigan, a presidential election swing state.

Hamas is committed to eradicating Jews. It’s rational to suspect they would send members to the United States to perpetrate atrocities here. With immigration and asylum vetters like Ali, they wouldn’t even have to avoid getting caught crossing our open southern border, as millions of border crossers have since Joe Biden took office. They can turn themselves in, get released inside the United States, and stay indefinitely. Eventually, they can even get citizenship!

This isn’t speculation. Border authorities are aware terrorists have gained access to the United States, and an open border only makes their goals easier to achieve. Terrorists here have already formed sleeper cells, and not only against Jewish targets.

As Todd Bensman reported in 2020, “Iranian avengers, in the form of Quds Force-supported Hezbollah operatives of the clandestine ‘Unit 910,’ are stationed in cities across America, set to activate pending distant command on target lists they have painstakingly developed over time. Hezbollah operatives also are positioned throughout Latin America, where American officials and economic interests are ubiquitous.”

A September DHS report notes that, due to historic increases in illegal U.S. entrances during Biden’s presidency, U.S. officials have “encountered a growing number of individuals in the Terrorist Screening Data Set (TSDS), also known as the ‘watchlist.'” Obviously, those are the potential terrorists border officials encounter. Since Biden took office, they’ve watched an estimated 1.2 million enter they haven’t been able to apprehend. Exactly who was in that group, and what were their motives? We have no idea.

Of course, we also don’t know how many people U.S. officials haven’t detected who entered the United States across its completely unenforced border. Democrats’ open border is a national security disaster, and it’s far more dangerous than one open terrorist supporter vetting immigrants.

This same tokenism dynamic also applies to Biden himself. Getting rid of him, whether through internal Democrat struggle sessions or the publicly decaying man’s nearing natural death, will not solve America’s problems. It will be merely a symbol change instead of an underlying reality change if he’s replaced with someone who runs similar policies.

The policies that have led to our nation’s failure on multiple fronts are the problem, not the figureheads representing them. Our national security is in danger not through random accidents but because of failing to enforce our immigration laws and politicizing the U.S. military. Those are policy choices. So are engaging in noncritical foreign wars, trying to inflate away our bankrupt welfare state’s increasing piles of debt, and setting up moral hierarchies between Americans based on their skin color and sexual activities.

The policies are the problem, no matter who fronts them. Although it’s the right thing to do, merely getting rid of Ali and replacing her with another college-educated America-hater solves no underlying problems. Neither does getting rid of Biden and replacing him with another leftist like Kamala Harris or Gavin Newsom.

The underlying problem is the systemic America hatred that fuels people like Ali and Biden and places their ideology in positions of power. Their threat to us all begins to end with prioritizing America’s legitimate interests over the left’s nihilistic self-hatred.

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