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Leftists Excuse Hamas For The Same Reasons They Support Black Lives Matter, Defund The Police, And The Rest


It apparently confounds some people that there exists a not small number of Americans who either outright support Hamas terrorists or, at least, have a difficult time finding anything bad to say about them, even after reports that its members went on a bloody rampage beheading babies.

It shouldn’t. The same people succeed every time in siding with everything that sucks, whether it’s BLM, the pronoun brigade, or the ACAB crowd — all in the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion.” Like BLM activists, the Palestinian government, such that it can be called that, believes it’s entitled to something. In this case, land. And rather than share in that land in a civilized, productive, and democratic way, they choose violence.

You thought the news that terrorists had infiltrated quiet villages while Israelis were engaged in holy rituals before murdering infants would shake every American to their core? You haven’t met a “social justice” activist.

They don’t care about that. They care about who has what they want or who they think should have what they don’t.

All of their goals are the same as Hamas: Get what they want, and until they do, everyone is supposed to suffer, including by violence. Especially by violence.

Anyone living in a major American city knows the drill. After the fiery but mostly peaceful George Floyd protests of summer 2020 simmered down, it wasn’t but two months before all the downtown storefronts were boarded up and shuttered again in anticipation of the election. And it wasn’t in case of a Biden victory.

What happened after the left’s most precious Supreme Court ruling was overturned last year? A sitting justice was targeted for assassination.

That anyone is really disgusted, shocked, or appalled by the views from the same people over what happened in Israel last weekend only speaks to who hasn’t been paying attention. It’s not a novel form of hideous. It’s been here for quite some time now.

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