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Carjackings, Looting, And Murder: ‘Equity’ In Action!


Three pretty unnerving things have happened within the past week: Target cited crime and safety as reasons for closing another nine locations, a congressman was carjacked at gunpoint, and a Philadelphia-based journalist was murdered in his home.

Welcome to the United States of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We hope you enjoy your stay!

To be fair, there isn’t yet a ton of information available about the homicide. All we know is that the victim is a left-winger named Josh Kruger and that he spent much of his days tweeting about how exaggerated the nationwide violent crime spikes have been. A local paper described him as “a former city spokesperson who advocated for more support for some of the city’s most vulnerable residents” (aka any ethnic minority who knowingly commits a crime or mooches off their parents well into adulthood).

Kruger had also posted a tweet mocking Dilbert comic creator Scott Adams for predicting in 2020 that there would be another wave of violent crime if Joe Biden were elected. “The Dilbert dude is like Nostradamus,” Kruger wrote in sarcasm. “Look at this prediction from 2020. Wow. Eerie.”

He was killed two days later. Police haven’t identified a suspect.

But police a few miles south in Washington, D.C., do have an idea as to who it was that carjacked House Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar at gunpoint Monday night: “Three black males wearing all black clothing,” said an area alert. Carjackings in the metropolitan area have increased by more than five times the 2018 rate.

As for Target, the corporate arm announced last week that it was shutting down nine stores “because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance.” All of the affected businesses are in cities where their Democrat mayors and state prosecutors determined it safe to legalize crime by way of scaling down law enforcement and letting looters and assailants get away: San Francisco, Portland, New York, and Seattle.

Every Democrat in office should have to answer for why the incidents above are good things. Of course, they’ll say, “It’s unacceptable,” and then they’ll head to their next donor event and brag about all they’ve done in the name of “diversity, equity and inclusion” (aka the “three unclean spirits”).

By their telling, crime isn’t the problem. The problem is the demographic balance of who is prosecuted for crime. If it’s not balanced, they say, prosecute the criminals less! “Diversity, equity and inclusion” cannot coexist with law enforcement.

This is always how things were going to end. Less policing means more crime. Less prosecuting means more crime. Higher tolerance for crime means more crime. And then businesses shut down. Nobody wants to do business in high crime. Nobody wants to live in high crime. Except for people like Josh Kruger, who… well… you know…

It’s diversity! It’s equity! It’s inclusion! Stay safe out there.

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