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Breaking News Alert Report: 'Three Counter-Snipers' Were In Building Trump Shooter Used, Took Photos Of Him

It’s Too Late For Corrupt Media To Decide Political Violence Is Bad


It looks like the Washington Post has discovered that political violence is bad. Unfortunately, the paper is probably two years too late.

The Post editorial board wrote this week that comments made recently by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., are “especially dangerous,” “reckless,” and “heighten the risk of unrest.” What Graham did was state the obvious: if President Biden’s Justice Department criminally prosecutes Trump, a likely political opponent in 2024, over his handling of government documents, it may very well result in rioting.

Where is the lie? The Post accused Graham of potentially instigating lawlessness, a point echoed by Strega Nona lookalike columnist Ruth Marcus, who on Tuesday called his remarks a “threat.”

There is no threat. But you would hope by now that Democrats and their friends in the national media have learned something: This isn’t going to be a country where political violence and harassment from their side is met by everyone with acquiescence.

January 6, 2021, didn’t happen in a vacuum. That’s not the day that history began. It was the consequence of nearly a year’s worth of vandalism, destruction, looting, and deadly rioting that was instigated, exacerbated, and excused by liberals, both in the Democratic Party and the media.

The 2020 election was nothing less than a hostage situation, and everyone who lives in a major city (all of them run by Democrats) knew it when they saw their shops, offices, and storefronts boarded up. That wasn’t in anticipation of a Biden victory. It was in fear of a Trump victory. The Left had shown all summer that year what it’s capable of when things don’t go their way.

They will fabricate a conspiracy to derail a president who was never given a chance. They will hype up an airborne virus, laying every single death it causes at the feet of their political opponents. They will perpetuate a lie about race and police to shut down highways, businesses, and government services.

The cost: At least 25 deaths and up to $2 billion in property damage. And that’s just from the George Floyd riots of summer 2020. There’s also the retarded development of an entire generation kept out of school, countless livelihoods ended via shutdown orders, and the ever-lasting trauma that will be endured by those who were told they could not tell loved ones goodbye.

Democrats should be grateful that Jan. 6 was as tame as it was. It could have been, and it certainly can get, far worse.

They fake a knot in their throats, claiming that they’re the ones so worried about the fragility of democracy. And then they softly smile as cities burn, then throw the full weight of the federal government behind prosecuting their political opponents.

Lindsey Graham wasn’t making a “threat” when he predicted rioting that this time comes from the right. He was noting the logical end to what Democrats have started.

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