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Pro-Trans Group Links Ohio Amendment To ‘LGBT Rights,’ Confirming Conservative Warnings It Will Let Kids Get Sterilizing Surgeries

It’s only with the help of outside, nationally-funded groups like HRC that this radical amendment has a shot at passing.


Radical LGBT activist group Human Rights Campaign endorsed an amendment on the Ohio ballot this fall, even linking it to “LGBTQ+ rights,” after leftists and their allies in the corporate media spent months insisting the amendment had nothing to do with gender experiments.

The constitutional amendment in question, which voters will decide on in November, would enshrine abortion up until birth in the Ohio Constitution and also override parental consent laws for gender-dysphoric minors seeking irreversible surgeries and disfiguring hormone injections.

HRC, one of the far left’s premier lobbying groups, claimed in its Aug. 15 press release that it supports the initiative because it wants to “Secure Abortion as a Legal Right in Ohio.”

The second to last paragraph in the blog post announcing HRC’s support, however, indicates that the organization knows how the ballot proposal fares will have an effect on “LGBTQ+ rights, abortion rights, and, more broadly, Ohioans’ rights and values.”

HRC’s endorsement of the initiative came mere days after the group celebrated the defeat of Issue 1, which would have changed the Buckeye State’s law to require a supermajority — a 60 percent threshold vote instead of the current 50 percent plus one — for constitutional amendments to be ratified.

In its post, HRC declared the defeat of Issue 1 “means we can support the autonomy over our own bodies when it’s on the ballot come November.”

HRC dabbles in abortion activism but the organization’s primary goal is to advance the far left’s radical gender agenda by “Leading the fight for LGBTQ+ rights,” which is likely the main reason it wants to see the ACLU-authored amendment pass in November.

Several pro-life and parental rights organizations warned that the language of the ballot initiative — which would guarantee every individual “a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions” — is deliberately vague and deceptive. They also noted that a high proportion of LGBT activist groups are advocating for this amendment because they see it as an opportunity to bypass the state legislature on more issues than just abortion.

Protect Women Ohio argued in a March 2023 advertisement that the proposed amendment is designed to “cut” parents “out of the biggest decision” of their vulnerable child’s life, including abortion or deforming genital surgeries and chemical castration.

PWO’s efforts to communicate their concerns to parents were hamstrung by out-of-state activist groups and their allies in the corporate media which have repeatedly asserted the amendment “says nothing about transgender or parental rights.”

The eradication of parental rights for the sake of transgenderism and abortion is widely unpopular. A majority of Americans oppose gender experiments on minors and 56 percent say parents should have to consent to their child getting an abortion.

It’s only with the help of outside, nationally-funded groups like HRC, which are well-versed in deceiving voters on abortion and radical gender ideology, that this amendment has a shot at passing.

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