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Half Of Male Inmates Pretending To Be Female Are Guilty Of Sex Crimes, State Data Shows

According to Wisconsin data, 81 of the 161 male inmates who claim to be transgender have been convicted of sexual assault or sexual abuse.


More than 50 percent of men who identify as transgender held at the Wisconsin Department of Corrections have been convicted of sexual assault or sexual abuse, according to a shocking new report from The Daily Signal, based on data obtained through a 2022 public records request by the Heritage Foundation.

According to the report, 81 of the 161 male inmates who claim to be transgender have been convicted of at least one count of sexual assault or sexual abuse. As The Daily Signal reported, sexual crimes could include “sexual exploitation of a child, sexual exploitation by a therapist, forced viewing of a sexual act, rape, sexual intercourse without consent, incest, sexual intercourse with a child, indecent behavior with a child, enticing a child, and more.”

The Department of Corrections would not disclose whether these male inmates were incarcerated in a male or female facility, but state policy indicates transgender-identified inmates can be placed in the wrong-sex facility in some cases.

These problems aren’t confined to Wisconsin. In January 2021, a law went into effect in California that could permit male serial rapists into women’s prisons. Transfers could be based on “individual preference,” meaning there is no need for male criminals to take hormones or amputate their genitals to be moved. Hundreds of inmates requested to be transferred in the months following the law, almost all men looking to be moved to women’s prisons. In fact, following the law’s passage, inmates were reportedly given contraceptives such as condoms and Plan B — which wouldn’t make much sense if it were really just a women’s prison — to deal with potential fallout.

Furthermore, studies reveal disproportionately high criminal patterns among male inmates who claim to be women compared to their female counterparts. Data shows that anecdotes of men assaulting women in historically all-female spaces are not one-offs, but rather, a trend. 

One study from the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), for instance, reveals this pattern. The study — which included inmates considered “gender diverse,” such as men who claim to be women (62 percent), women who claim to be men (21 percent), and “other” (17 percent) — found that an overwhelming 82 percent of transgender inmates who had committed a sex crime were men who identified as women. Almost all (94 percent) of these crimes were committed when the perpetrator was identifying as his true sex.

Female crime rates pale in comparison, raising serious concerns about accommodating criminals based on their claimed transgender identity, particularly for the safety of female inmates. The same CSC study showed that of the convicted sexual offenders, about 55 percent victimized exclusively females, while only 6 percent victimized exclusively males.

Despite alarming statistics like these, Democrats continue advocating for policies that would house men with women. In both the 116th and 117th Congress, H.R. 5 was introduced, mirroring California policies surrounding so-called “gender discrimination.” Better known as the Equality Act, this bill would “prohibit[] discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” In other words, federal law would prohibit institutions such as prisons from keeping potentially predatory men out of women’s spaces.

President Joe Biden and his administration have been staunch promoters of the deceptively named Equality Act, saying the law would “provide long overdue federal civil rights protections to transgender and LGBTQI+ Americans and their families” and be “key to addressing the epidemic levels of violence” against trans-identified people.

In a transgender-related “Fact Sheet,” the Biden administration said that in addition to pushing for passage of the Equality Act, it would “strengthen[] protections for transgender individuals who are incarcerated,” by “improving access to gender-affirming care” and allow inmates to have access to facility placements that “align with an inmate’s gender identity.”

As the Wisconsin data and other studies show, however, Democrats have their facts all wrong when it comes to who actually needs protection from violence. But prisons aren’t the only places leftists are hurting or displacing women in their crusade to appease men in ladyface. The left is giving real women the shaft in sports, bathrooms, locker rooms, entertainment, and advertising too.

Just consider Lia Thomas’ male genitals in the women’s locker room and his NCAA Division 1 victory at the expense of a real woman. Or worse, the self-identified “nonbinary” rugby player who had been deemed the “hardest hitter” on the men’s team before reportedly hurting three players during a game of women’s rugby. To the left, no women’s space is sacred.

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