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Here Are All The People Who Have Corroborated Biden Family Corruption

Everyone who corroborated Biden corruption
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Dozens of people from all political parties, industries, and walks of life, not just Republicans, have corroborated Biden family corruption.


The corporate media’s blackout on the ongoing Biden corruption investigation continued this week despite the publication of an unclassified document detailing President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in an international bribery scheme.

The propaganda press didn’t just ignore Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s sharing of the bombshell FD-1023 and the FBI’s ongoing attempts to stonewall its debut. Some outlets actually went out of their way to downplay the years of evidence accumulated in the Biden bribery investigation.

The New York Times, which wasted no paper on the FD-1023’s publication on Thursday, alleged in a Sunday article that the IRS whistleblowers who testified to the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability last week were the products of a well-crafted campaign by Grassley’s allies.

The headline, “Former Republican Aides Shepherd Whistle-Blowers Through Congress,” appears to suggest that the whistleblowers were harnessed by Republican-linked groups such as Empower Oversight in an attempt to take down the president and his family. In reality, the brave bureaucrats who had tried and failed for years to raise alarms about partisan Biden protectionism in their own agencies turned to Republicans because they appeared to be the only people who would lend them a listening ear.

In reaching out to Republicans, these whistleblowers risked their jobs and felonies. Yet, the NYT had the audacity to adopt the Biden administration’s framework in insisting that their testimonies were “orchestrated” instead of organic products of the partisan rot plaguing American agencies. In fact, the article goes so far as to claim that House Republicans “have struggled to surface proof of any misconduct by the president despite months of effort” — a claim that’s completely unfounded.

The NYT wants its “criminally misinformed” readers to believe people like a gay Democrat bureaucrat are pawns propped up by Republicans who want nothing more than to see Joe fall from power. But it’s not true.

Dozens of people from all political parties, industries, and walks of life, not just Republicans and their pals, have corroborated the Biden family corruption arc. Corporate media are obviously so frustrated they can’t find any discrepancies in the stories that sully their preferred presidential candidate’s reputation that they are turning to lies and smears.

Here is the wide-ranging list of witnesses who have confirmed the president’s participation in an international bribery scandal is legit.

Tony Bobulinski

Former Biden family business partner Tony Bobulinski confirmed shortly before the 2020 presidential election that the laptop evidence linking Joe to Hunter’s foreign business dealings and a Senate report on the Biden family’s potentially criminal business activity were both accurate.

In an October 2020 interview with Tucker Carlson, Bobulinski deemed Joe’s denial that he was ever involved in his son’s overseas transactions “ a blatant lie.” He also said Joe and the rest of the Bidens were “compromised” by communist China.

Timothy Thibault, the FBI assistant special agent in charge tasked with leading the Hunter Biden investigation, was supposed to follow up with Bobulinski about his claims before the 2020 election. Bobulinski told Carlson in 2022 that he never heard from Thibault again.

IRS Whistleblowers

Even without access to the FD-1023 detailing Joe’s involvement in a pay-to-play scandal, both Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler confirmed that Hunter and Joe were participants in some shady business dealings that hinged on the patriarch’s vice presidential position.

It was during an IRS investigation of Hunter’s tax crimes that Shapley and his team uncovered new evidence of Biden family corruption, such as a message from Hunter’s WhatsApp to Chinese Communist Party official Henry Zhao. The angry text shows the younger Biden, “sitting here with my father,” demanding a presumably financial “commitment” be fulfilled “before it gets out of hand.”

Shapley said he could not act on this damning evidence because of DOJ resistance.

Ziegler, similarly, testified that anytime IRS investigators tried to follow agency protocols and go public with their latest findings about Hunter and the Bidens’ deep financial ties to foreign actors, “there were always times to where we were always on an impending election cycle.”

‘Multiple FBI Whistleblowers’

IRS agents aren’t the only ones who spoke up about Biden corruption. Grassley reported in July 2022 that “multiple” “highly credible” FBI whistleblowers approached him with information indicating that partisan FBI officials, including Thibault, “sought to falsely portray as disinformation evidence acquired from multiple sources that provided the FBI derogatory information related to Hunter Biden’s financial and foreign business activities, even though some of that information had already been or could be verified.”

By the 2020 presidential election, FBI supervisory intelligence analyst Brian Auten led the charge to shut down the investigation into the Biden family’s activities. Grassley corroborated all of this with obtained materials in April 2023.

Confidential Human Source

In the infamous FD-1023, a “highly credible” informant confirmed that Joe fired a Ukrainian prosecutor tasked with investigating the energy company his son was a board member of in exchange for millions of dollars. Through various meetings and phone calls with Burisma executives, the CHS verified that the company’s founder and CEO hired an unqualified and “stupid” Hunter to “protect us, through his dad.”

Burisma Head Mykola Zlochevsky

Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky said he felt “forced or coerced to pay” the Bidens in exchange for political favors, which is why he wired the Biden patriarch and his son payments through a series of accounts. As further proof of Joe’s influence in this deal, Zlochevsky confirmed he possessed 15 audio recordings of calls with Hunter and two audio recordings of phone conversations he had with the VP himself.


Behind closed doors, the nation’s top law enforcement agency partially corroborated the Biden bribery claims outlined in the document. According to reporting from Federalist Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland, the Pittsburgh FBI office confirmed that the CHS’s travel receipts and rendezvous records matched what was outlined in the FD-1023. It then shared that information with the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office, which was tasked with collecting Biden family corruption evidence but ultimately hid the allegations instead.


By handing over records to Republican investigators, four of the Biden family’s 12 banks proved the first family’s finances during the Obama administration were not above board. A review conducted by the House Oversight Committee confirmed that at least nine Biden family members, including some children, received millions in diluted payments from foreign companies during and shortly after Joe’s vice presidency.

Devon Archer

Longtime Biden business associate Devon Archer is expected to share with the House Oversight Committee this week that Joe conducted phone calls with some of his son’s closest business associates at least 24 times. Archer’s testimony only further debunks Joe’s lies that he never partook in Hunter’s wheeling and dealing.

Joe Biden

Joe vehemently denies any involvement in his son’s overseas business deals and even resorted to participating in and amplifying Russian disinformation claims. His 2018 bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma fired, however, proves he was the key to lining his family’s pockets with foreign cash.

If Joe were truly innocent of these foreign bribery schemes, he would have spoken up by now. Instead, he’s chastised anyone who has asked him about his family’s foreign entanglements and ignored evidence such as White House visitor logsaudio recordingsvoicemailsemails, and receipts that demonstrate his participation.

Hunter Biden

It took until well into 2021, but Hunter finally admitted that the laptop containing troves of emails related to his shady foreign business dealings and lewd pictures could “certainly” be his. A Biden recognizing the laptop and its contents as real, something the FBI and some Big Tech censors knew long before the 2020 presidential election, means communications suggesting Hunter used his father’s political influence as leverage to get cash “for me and my family” are accurate as well.  

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