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Biden Whistleblower Tony Bobulinski: Joe Biden’s Claim That He Knew Nothing About Hunter Biden’s China Deals Is A ‘Blatant Lie’


Tony Bobulinski, an ex-Biden family business associate, told Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden is lying about his knowledge of his son’s business deals.


Tony Bobulinski, a former Naval officer and ex-Biden family business associate who provided documentation and testimony that the Biden family was deeply involved in foreign business dealings with China, said that former Vice President Joe Biden is lying about his knowledge of his son’s business deals.

“This is a company with direct connections to the communist government of China,” said Fox News’ Tucker Carlson during an interview with Bobulinski Tuesday. “So the former vice president has said he had no knowledge whatsoever of his son’s business dealings and was not involved in them at all? But this sounds like direct involvement.”

“That’s a blatant lie when he states that,” Bobulinski said. “It’s a blatant lie.”


Bobulinski joined Carlson on Fox News prime time to discuss his role in the Biden family’s potentially incriminating business affairs and explain why he decided to come forward to clear his name.

Despite Joe Biden’s denial that he had never discussed business with his son, “or with anyone else,” Bobulinski said the American people deserve to know that the Biden family was completely in on the deal.

“I believe the American people should see this fact,” Bobulinski said. “I would much prefer the Biden family go on record and define these facts for the American people and globe versus me sitting here having a discussion with you on it.”

Bobulinski expressed further frustration at Joe Biden’s public lying after the former associate attended the third and final presidential debate last week as a guest of President Donald Trump.

“In that debate, [Biden] made a specific statement around questions around this from the president, and I’ll be honest with you, I almost stood up and screamed ‘liar’ and walked out because I was shocked that after four days that they prepped for this that the Biden family is taking that position to the world,” Bobulinski said.

“Once again, I’m irrelevant in this discussion,” Bobulinski added. “I just was brought in to run this company and have been exposed to all of this fact.”

Bobulinski confirmed last week in a public statement emailed to The Federalist and other outlets the incriminating claims published by the New York Post. He also corroborated a Senate report published in September on the Biden family’s potentially criminal business activity.

“Hunter Biden called his dad ‘the Big Guy’ or ‘my Chairman,’ and frequently referenced asking him for his sign-off or advice on various potential deals that we were discussing,” wrote Bobulinski, substantiating that the identity of “the Big Guy’ in a May 17, 2017, email published in the New York Post is a reference to holding 10 percent for Joe Biden.

It was in this email that a Chinese businessman with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party offered Hunter Biden $3 million a year for “introductions alone.”

The Federalist also published text messages from a Biden business associate instructing Bobulinski to cover up Joe Biden’s involvement with deals related to the Chinese Communist Party-linked firm.

“Don’t mention Joe being involved, it’s only when you are face to face,” wrote James Gilliar.