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White House Voodoo Doll Karine Jean-Pierre Is Oddly Evasive About The Cocaine

It’s a simple question: What’s with the White House cocaine? But Joe Biden’s press secretary is remarkably evasive.


Since the media treated it like a great scandal that President Trump wouldn’t insult the leader of a world power to his face, I feel very comfortable wondering why it’s not even a mini controversy that the White House press secretary was incredibly evasive this week when faced with a simple question: What’s with the cocaine found in the West Wing?

Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t have been more eager to wipe her hands of that one. Asked Wednesday how cocaine made its way into the West Wing, where it was found three days prior, Jean-Pierre referred the matter to the Secret Service, but was sure to note that President Biden and his “family” (ie. admitted cocaine addict Hunter Biden) were not on location at the time of the discovery.

Asked separately if the White House would be doing its own investigation — it is, after all, its own work site with employees and young interns, as well as a historical building with regular tourists and visitors — Jean-Pierre said again that it was “under the purview of the Secret Service.” Multiple follow-ups about security protocol and visitor access got the exact same response.

Q: “So, what’s preventing a visitor from bringing in anthrax or something that’s not magnetic into the White House?”

Jean-Pierre: “We’re going to get to the bottom to exactly what happened — the Secret Service will, not us. And so, we’re going to let the Secret Service do their job. I’m just not going to get ahead of if or — or whens or changes. We just have to let the Secret Service do their job, which they are.”

Q: “Will any White House staffers be undergoing drug testing as part of this investigation?”

Jean-Pierre: “[T]he White House is subject to rigorous guidelines that include drug testing. And so, we will take any action is — that is appropriate and warranted, pending the outcome of the Secret Service.”

Q: “I guess I’m wondering how expressing concern would somehow get ahead of the Secret Service investigation.”

Jean-Pierre: “It’s under the purview of so- — of the Secret Service.”

She literally wouldn’t say whether having illicit drugs on White House property was cause for concern.

At this stage, we don’t even know the exact location where the cocaine was found, only that it was supposedly somewhere accessible to tourists. But if tourists are searched the same way airline passengers are at TSA, and if White House staff are drug tested, there really only remain two possibilities: Either Secret Service is not thoroughly screening visitors or the cocaine belonged to a resident who doesn’t undergo searches.

The big one on everyone’s mind is whether the cocaine belonged to Hunter. It’s a reasonable suspicion since he’s been in and out of rehab countless times, saved multiple video recordings of himself doing drugs, fathered a child he attempted to deny was his (plus tried to legally block her from taking his last name), and was seen looking sweaty and agitated on the White House balcony just on Tuesday.

And if the answer is yes then, in theory at least, that convenient little plea deal he just worked out with federal prosecutors, wherein he pinky-promised to stay sober in order to avoid prison for tax evasion and illegal gun possession — well, that goes down the drain. And with no plea deal, Hunter (in theory at least) is charged with multiple crimes. An embarrassing trial that is certain to implicate his father would ensue.

That’s a lot of fallout over what is reportedly a “small” amount of drugs. I hope he’s kept his nose clean!

That the president’s son is a lowlife druggie is surely humiliating for Joe Biden’s entire dysfunctional family, but that’s not what the cocaine story is about. It’s about whether Hunter is so confident in his ability to flout the law that he would bring an illegal substance into the White House even before a judge accepts a deal he made with the Justice Department that will keep him out of prison.

And if that’s the case, where does that confidence come from? Democrats have spent the past six years gurgling that “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!” and Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland swears that Hunter has received no undue lenience or protection from criminal prosecution, even as multiple IRS officials have sworn under oath to Congress that in fact, Hunter has been aggressively shielded by the Justice Department on several fronts.

So, what’s with the cocaine? And why is the White House voodoo doll acting so weird about it?

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