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Biden’s Complete Reversal On LGBT Issues Proves He’s In It For The Money

Joe Biden pride flag
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Throughout his career, Biden has been happy to mold his politics around whatever will earn him the most money and power.


“Do you support gay marriage,” the moderator asked then-vice presidential candidate Joe Biden during the 2008 VP debate. “No, Barack Obama nor I support redefining from a civil side what constitutes marriage. We do not support that,” Biden responded.

Fast forward to 2023, and Biden is hosting topless transgenders on the White House lawn while invoking things like God and morality to endorse the butchering and psychological torment of children and violating flag code to fly a massive gay pride flag from the White House. 

The president declared March 30, 2023 “Transgender Day of Visibility,” and, upon taking office, filled his cabinet with gender dysphoric individuals. Rachel Levine, the administration’s assistant secretary of, ironically, Health and Human Services, believes in child genital mutilation and chemical castration. And Sam Britton, the former deputy assistant secretary for the Department of Energy’s Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, had to be fired after twice committing felony theft.

The Biden Pentagon allows male soldiers to use female showers and bedrooms and used a drag queen TikToker to recruit for the Navy. His Department of Health and Human Services also tried to force doctors to perform mutilative trans surgeries against their religious beliefs and conscience objections (a federal court thankfully blocked the plan).

Joe Biden went from actively opposing gay marriage to passionately embracing the most extreme and damaging aspects of the transgender agenda. His actions since taking office would have likely been unthinkable to even himself only a few years ago.

It’s not just his stance on sex and gender that Biden radically reversed course on. The president once eulogized a former Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan and opposed forced busing to desegregate schools because he said it would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.” Yet today, Biden is apparently hyper-aware of “systemic racism” and has implemented a slew of Marxist measures to promote “racial equity.”

You can’t really teach an old dog new tricks, especially when he’s been around for eight decades. No reasonable person buys that a mentally compromised octogenarian who can’t even remember how many grandchildren he has is the savior of transgenders and racial minorities.

The facade is painfully obvious, even to Democrats, and he often struggles to stay “politically correct.” If you vote for Trump, “You ain’t black!” Biden said on the campaign trail in 2020. Also, in 2020, Biden told a group of low-income students, “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”

Biden didn’t enter politics because he has clear moral and philosophical convictions that he wishes to shape the country with via carefully constructed policy. Throughout his career, Biden has been happy to mold his politics around whatever will earn him the most money and power.

And, boy, has he made money! Last week, Congressional Republicans finally were able to view an FBI document (that the agency tried to hide), which allegedly reveals that then-Vice President Biden took part in a criminal bribery scheme with Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Notably, Biden’s son, Hunter, held a lucrative position on Burisma’s executive board from 2014 to 2019.

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According to the document, Biden exchanged influence over American foreign policy for two $5 million payments. One went to Hunter and the other directly to Biden himself.

Evidence of the bribery scandal is mounting after Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed on Monday that the Burisma executive behind the alleged scandal kept 17 audio recordings — 15 between him and Hunter and two between him and then-Vice President Joe Biden — as an “insurance policy.” 

Of course, Biden and Hunter aren’t the only ones benefiting from Biden’s political career; this is a family business. According to Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, 10 of Biden’s family members accepted wire payments amounting to over $10 million from foreign nationals while he was vice president.

In 2020, communist, former Black Panther, and critical theorist Angela Davis endorsed Joe Biden for president, saying his election is crucial because he is the candidate “who can be most effectively pressured” by the left.

Davis was correct. Biden is not only susceptible to pressure, he embraces it. Joe Biden is a serial liar (even before his cognitive decline). He has no ethics and adheres to no particular ideology. He will say and do anything if it gives him the power and influence to make millions of dollars for himself and his dysfunctional family. Of all the elitists in America’s gentry class enriching themselves by selling out the country, our own president is the most successful and the most dangerous.

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