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McCarthy Torches CNN For Hiring McCabe, Clapper To Weigh In On The Ongoing ‘Get Trump’ Op They Helped Run

‘Your network actually pays people who did classified information and then lied to the American public to try to influence a presidential election,’ McCarthy told a CNN reporter.


Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has had it with the corporate media’s incessant hoaxing and he’s taking no prisoners when it comes to exposing the corruption of networks like CNN.

That’s exactly what happened in a Capitol hallway on Monday afternoon when a CNN reporter asked McCarthy to weigh in on the second indictment of former President Donald Trump.

“I have a real problem that your network actually pays people who did classified information and then lied to the American public to try to influence a presidential election and then you put them on your network to give an opinion about [the] president,” McCarthy said.

“The idea of equal justice is not playing out here,” McCarthy warned.

As McCarthy noted after Special Counsel Jack Smith unveiled his charges against Trump, the Biden regime’s ongoing political persecution of the Republican only confirms that there is a double standard when it comes to holding politicians accountable. Clear corruption by the current president and his party is ignored while the powers that be scramble to rig yet another election against Trump.

“In America, some of our greatest strength is equal justice, and today it shows that it is not,” McCarthy said on Friday. “But what’s even worse upon this — this is a leading contender to run for office with an administration of a current president that has the exact same documents. Even worse from the aspect [that] there are documents that President Biden has that he had when he was a senator.”

McCarthy isn’t the only one who has noticed a shift in recent years. Shortly before the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago in August 2022, a majority of Americans said the U.S. had a two-tiered system of justice. Nearly one year later, more than half of the nation says they want the FBI punished for weaponizing its power against the American people in the name of politics.

Not only does McCarthy recognize the Biden regime’s pattern of political persecution as “a real concern to all Americans,” but he also said it caught the attention of elected officials who “want to make sure it’s equal justice for all.” CNN, McCarthy hinted, is not on board with that idea.

“You’re with CNN, right? OK, so let’s talk about this even further because when somebody weaponizes government and they actually get removed from government — let’s take Andrew McCabe, OK…” McCarthy began.

“This is a different set of circumstances, right?” the CNN reporter interrupted. “I mean, the former president is accused of misleading law enforcement, of a conspiracy of obstructing justice. That’s a different set of facts. Are you prepared to defend him as the former president, and what other actions will the House take, in the House Judiciary Committee, in terms of funding?”

Even Republicans who should know better than to trust the DOJ’s partisan plots, such as former Attorney General Bill Barr, have latched onto this smear narrative — but McCarthy wasn’t buying it.

“Are you prepared to defend your network, CNN?” McCarthy asked.

Disgraced former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, whom McCarthy mentioned before he was cut off, was fired for leaking sensitive information about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation and then lying about it under oath. For his actions, which prosecutors said deserved indictment, McCabe was handed a years-long contributor agreement from CNN and a platform to criticize Trump after the second indictment was announced.

The CNN reporter once again tried to interrupt him but McCarthy said he was “entitled to answer the question.”

“You can’t put words in my mouth. Even though your network can hire Andrew McCabe, who was fired from the FBI for leaking classified documents, did you remove him from your network? No, you continue to put him on to give judgment against President Trump.”

McCarthy started to point out that CNN offered the same treatment to former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who lied to Congress multiple times and bragged about the FBI’s “seriously flawed” investigation into Trump in 2016 to CNN’s Jake Tapper with the hopes of aiding the network’s anti-Trump coverage. Clapper was also the first of 51 intelligence officials who signed the infamous 2020 letter smearing Hunter Biden’s laptop as suspected “Russian disinformation,” something we now know was a Biden campaign stunt, but still has a job with CNN as a national security analyst and as a board member at a so-called ethics center.

CNN’s reporter ignored McCarthy’s accurate notation to once again ask if House Republicans planned to defund the FBI and DOJ “after what you’ve seen over the last several days?”

McCarthy, unphased by yet another interruption, continued his expose of CNN as a willing accomplice to the deep state’s corruption.

“Your network hires Clapper who literally lied to the American public. One of 51 other individuals that had briefings and used it politically to tell the American public that a laptop was Russia collusion even though it had all this information about the Biden administration,” McCarthy said without missing a beat. “Are you prepared to get rid of those people from your network? Because my concern as a policymaker is that when you weaponize government, and now you’re weaponizing networks, that is wrong.”

Republicans, McCarthy said, are committed to restoring true justice to the American bureaucracy.

“We will take all of our power to make sure that the legal system in America gets the blinders back on and people are treated fairly,” McCarthy concluded.

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