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Of Course Prince Harry Thinks He Can Break U.S. Immigration Laws — Everyone Else Does 


A recent lawsuit is petitioning The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to publicly release Prince Harry’s immigration records after the Duke of Sussex admitted to illegally using drugs, namely cocaine, psychedelics, and marijuana, in his memoir Spare.

In a release, the organization suing the DHS — the conservative Heritage Foundation — said Harry either “lied on the application and DHS needs to address that,” or “he told the truth and DHS granted him an exception.”

If Harry did lie, can we really blame him? The Biden Administration has made it clear to the world that American immigration laws and border security are not a priority. Since Biden took office, America has experienced record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants, and this month those numbers are set to reach the highest in national history, thanks to the expiration of Title 42 on May 11.

Title 42, a pandemic-era policy, allowed border patrol to immediately expel illegal migrants upon first encounter. Once it expires, illegal migrants can either “seek asylum in the U.S. or be released into the country on parole without seeking asylum,” reports the Washington Examiner.

Last weekend, mayors of Texas border cities Brownsville, El Paso, and Laredo declared a state of emergency. “We haven’t even hit the 11th and that’s when it gets bad. If we’re seeing this daily, we’re in trouble. We’re in deep, deep, deep trouble,” Chris Cabrera, a 21-year Border Patrol agent, told the Washington Examiner.

The problem with the illegal immigration crisis isn’t only that we have no way of filtering out people who, for example, have done hard drugs like Prince Harry or are serial killers — it’s that America is aiding and abetting the cartels.

“In addition to drugs, Mexican cartels are now involved in industrial agriculture, port operations, migrant smuggling, human trafficking, and even the control and distribution of water in drought-stricken parts of the country,” reports The Federalist’s John Davidson.

Prince Harry’s admission into the United States despite his admitted hard drug use is an indictment on the Biden Administration on more levels than one. In addition to being emblematic of our illegal immigration crisis, Harry’s admittance could also be characteristic of our two-tier justice system.

Under the Biden Administration, Democrats and their allies are routinely let off the hook, while the political enemies of the left are ruthlessly targeted by the justice department. The FBI labeled traditional Catholics “white supremacists” and raided the homes of pro-life activists who now face fines and jail time. Yet pro-abortion terrorists who torched pro-life pregnancy centers and defaced churches after the overturning of Roe v. Wade have gone largely unpunished.

Consider also how peaceful Jan. 6 protesters were tormented by state prosecutors, but Black Lives Matter rioters, whose actions resulted in deaths and billions of dollars in damages, were generally unpenalized.

Prince Harry has been a strident ally of the Censorship Industrial Complex, working for the Aspen Institute’s “Commission on Information Disorder,” and calling America’s First Amendment “bonkers.” Given the deep state’s partnership with American social media companies to interfere in our elections, shadow-ban conservatives, and ultimately dub themselves the arbiters of truth in the digital sphere, it’s not surprising they would view Harry as a useful ally.

His support of censorship, his promotion of “disinformation” fear-mongering, his public degradation of Americans’ sacred First Amendment rights, and thus his presence in the United States aid in our federal government’s ploy to attain informational control over the people. 

It’s neither inconceivable that Harry felt emboldened to lie about his past drug use, nor is it inconceivable that the DHS let him off the hook like they do everyone else they deem politically useful.

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