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Where Republicans Stand On Transgender Insanity Should Be A Litmus Test For Their Political Futures

Banning the butchering of children is a litmus test for the GOP and several Republicans including the Wyoming governor have failed it.


Wyoming is technically one of the reddest states in the nation because the GOP holds the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature, but you wouldn’t know that by the actions of the politicians they elect.

Just this week, Republican Gov. Mark Gordon refused to sign a bill that prohibits males in costume from invading female sports. Gordon claimed the legislation, which “is overly draconian, is discriminatory without attention to individual circumstances or mitigating factors, and pays little attention to fundamental principles of equality.”

The bill eventually became law without Gordon’s signature and blessing, but the Republican’s hostility towards policies that most of his constituents and most of the nation support should immediately disqualify him from representing red voters.

Passivity Means Failing Future Generations

For a long time, the sanctity of life in the womb was the litmus test that Republicans used to determine the legitimacy of so-called conservative candidates. Now, there’s a new threat facing our children, and it’s pressing in from all sides.

Every institution, from hospitals to the White House to schools to Big Tech to the music industry to corporations to corporate media to online dictionaries, is promoting the transgender craze sweeping the nation. Using unreliable surveys and methods about high suicide rates among gender-confused youth, these organizations try to coerce concerned parents to endorse experimentation on their children.

As a result, the number of American youths identifying as “trans” and undergoing the knife in an attempt to alter their sex organs is on the rise. But so are studies showing the dangers and irreversible damage that castration drugs and butchering leave in their wake.

Children who are sold the lie that they must mangle their bodies to be their true selves often experience harrowing and life-threatening regret. They are also left with permanent mental and bodily damage that leads to sexual dysfunction, various forms of infertility, heart problems, mental health crises, and even cancer.

Any politician who fails to recognize and address this assault on children is failing not just their constituents but future American generations.

The GOP, specifically, is more than capable of outlawing the butchering of children for profit and punishing propagandists who tout maiming as a solution instead of a problem. Republicans control the state legislatures and the governor’s mansion in 22 states. Yet, only 19 of those states have taken action to keep boys from competing in girls’ sports. Only eight of those states have agreed to ban the castration and mutilation of minors.

If there was ever a time to deem passivity and investigation alone not enough, it’s now. If Republicans can’t sign the simplest of bills to keep biological males from invading female spaces or keep minor children from irreversible mutilation, they are not even developed enough to consent to in the first place, they don’t deserve to hold office.

It’s Time For Accountability

Accountability for elected Republicans who refuse isn’t something that can just be talked about for change to happen. It must be acted upon.

Recall in 2021 when South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem spoiled her chances of becoming a GOP presidential frontrunner when she refused to sign a bill that would have prevented men from competing in women’s sports. 

The so-called “most conservative governor in America” clearly didn’t learn from her mistakes because she still has yet to cut her state’s ties to the companies fueling the midwest’s mutilation business. She also failed to fire any of the people responsible for allowing South Dakota State University to host a “kid-friendly” drag show even though she had the power to do it. Instead, she called for the firing of South Dakota’s Family Heritage Alliance Action Executive Director Norman Woods, who wrote Noem a letter expressing disappointment that the governor had failed to protect her constituents.

That behavior should not be tolerated by her or any other Republican constituents.

It won’t be easy to hold some politicians accountable. In Wyoming’s case, Gordon is term-limited by the Wyoming constitution and can’t be re-elected to gubernatorial office in 2026 if he wanted to be. But that shouldn’t stop him from facing accountability. Even he is not safe from impeachment or, at least, multiple censures like disgraced former Rep. Liz Cheney did after she aided the Democrats’ abuse and weaponization of Congress to target their political enemies.

If Republicans truly believe that harming children to advance an ideological agenda is unforgivable, they need to act like that next time they go to the polls. The GOP can’t keep limiting itself to politicians who prioritize corporate interests or care about coverage from corporate media over the lives and livelihoods of children.

Threatening a politician’s job because they fail is not “cancel culture” — it’s accountability. And it’s about time the people who control the GOP feel some of it.

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