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Corporate Media Shamefully Silent Over Atlanta Child Abuse And ‘Pedophile Ring’ Case

Thanks to identity immunity, certain groups are seemingly shielded from media scrutiny.


What if you learned a married couple had been arrested for allegations of repeatedly raping their adopted sons and offering them to other nearby pedophiles for the same purpose? Furthermore, these individuals had somehow acquired a lavish suburban mansion despite their modest clerical jobs. It all makes for a shocking and newsworthy story, right?

There’s one other significant part of the story, though: These alleged predators are two gay men and self-described LGBT “activists” with a sizable social media footprint. The media silence around this recent real-life story was sadly predictable.

As of this writing, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and CNN, among others, have not covered the story. It is a deeply disheartening tale from 21st-century America. The nature of the crimes clears the high hurdle for shock in a society where depravity is expected. It also illustrates the identity immunity that seemingly shields certain groups from media scrutiny. While it goes unchecked, this immunity will ruin lives.

For two elementary school-aged brothers, already undergoing a disadvantaged start to life after being left in foster care by heroin-addicted parents, the nightmare began in earnest in Nov. 2018, when William Dale Zulock Jr. and Zachary Jacoby Zulock — the latter of whom had previous child-rape charges mysteriously dropped — adopted them in the Atlanta area. As indicated by court records, horrific sexual abuse began as far back as just one year later and continued until the adoptive parents’ July 2022 arrest.

During that period, the Zulock men allegedly anally and orally raped the boys and performed oral sex on them, often filming these horrendous acts and distributing them to other pedophiles in the Atlanta area, whom they allegedly met on the gay hookup app Grindr. The adoptive parents also allegedly invited some of these contacts to rape the boys. One Snapchat message from Zachary Zulock to one such predator allegedly read, “I’m going to f*** my son tonight. Stand by.” (See Townhall’s recent four-part investigative series for a comprehensive account of the allegations and legal proceedings.)

On the surface, the men cultivated the celebrated lifestyle of a “modern family.” Their Instagram followers, counting among the thousands, consumed curated photography showing everything was normal, even admirable. Gay advocacy magazine Out included the Zulocks in their “No H8” campaign.

At the center of this modern family was a palatial mansion in Loganville, near Atlanta. It is unclear how the civil servant and bank teller afforded to build the home; other houses in the vicinity have market values of around $900,000. Among its ominous features are windowless rooms, one of which is hidden behind a moveable bookcase. “Our business is our business. What happens in our home stays in our home,” the Zulocks allegedly told their abused boys.

While in custody, the Zulock men have exhibited an unfathomable lack of appreciation for the gravity of their situation. They have complained about the manner of the police raid that resulted in their arrest, the seizure of their home, personal finances, and the quality of prison food, among other things.

“We do have, like, subscription stuff that needs canceled like, you know, Disney+, Amazon Video. All that needs to be canceled because it’s auto-hitting our credit card,” explained William. When a relative asked Zachary whether he was worried about the boys, he quickly changed the subject to the house and bills.

“They just view underage boys as sex objects,” said District Attorney Randy McGinley at a virtual court appearance, according to Townhall.

This shocking lack of prioritization might be explainable through the effusive praise these men have enjoyed from society. Their social media activity depicts a life of leisure and comfort. Their experience reflects a societal approach, vigorously driven by our media, to LGBT identity politics that makes no amount of praise sufficient, and any criticism of even deserving individuals harmful to one’s career prospects.

During the Democratic presidential primaries in 2019, CNN produced its “LGBTQ Town Hall” to offer apparently critical insight into candidates’ views on that topic. Initial coverage of the 2019 Jussie Smollett hate-crime hoax and shameless abrupt termination of coverage of last year’s Colorado Springs gay bar shooting — after the public learned the perpetrator claimed so-called nonbinary gender identity — boosted the corporate media’s propagandistic track record.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and one way to confront this type of criminal behavior illustrated in the allegations against the Zulocks is media coverage. Predators need to feel unsafe, and ordinary people need to be aware of the warning signs they create.

While corporate media continue to ignore the shocking story, the New York Post and Townhall, to their credit, reported the Zulocks’ arrest in August, without all the grim details that have since come to light. It was Townhall’s extensive report this past week, however, that brought deserved attention to the case. If pressed on the issue, America’s propaganda mouthpieces would trot out the predictable sanctimony about protecting vulnerable communities from hate and misinformation, a playbook they ran throughout the pandemic.

Don’t aid them in their desire to suppress this story. It belongs in the category of Jerry Sandusky’s crimes and the Ariel Castro saga of kidnapping, rape, and imprisonment in Cleveland, both of which stories attained significant attention in the corporate and tabloid press. This satanic episode in Georgia begs the same degree of grieving and reflection from society. Average people need to speak up without fear for the justice of such victims and for the potential victims of the future.

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