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Ruth Marcus Is The Reason Brett Kavanaugh Would Probably Rather Not Mingle Outside ‘Friendly’ Circles

Brett Kavanaugh Senate hearing
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Who could possibly blame a Republican-associated figure for hesitating to mingle with liberals on their turf or even on supposedly ‘neutral’ ground?


There are apparently only two choices for a right-leaning Supreme Court justice in Washington: Voluntarily leap into a shark tank while covered in blood or just stay home.

That’s more or less the choice presented this week by The Washington Post’s Strega Nona, who sometimes goes by the name Ruth Marcus. She wrote Tuesday that she’s not “worked up” about Justice Brett Kavanaugh attending a Christmas party with prominent Republicans. But she does find it “concerning” that the judge isn’t branching out more.

“A conservative justice partying with conservative activists feeds into a perception of the court, fairly or not, as an institution tainted with partisanship,” wrote Marcus. She said there was a “tendency among justices to speak to, or attend events sponsored by, groups and institutions with which they are ideologically attuned,” but that the more conservative-minded justices in particular “seem lately inclined to favor friendly institutions, religious and conservative organizations.”

Shorter version: Why isn’t Kavanaugh partying with the people who don’t like him?!

This woman, the same woman who pushed the wholly unfounded accusation that Kavanaugh is a rapist, is seriously bothered that any Republican-aligned figure or official these days would rather not venture outside of his comfort zone? I doubt it.

In any event, who could possibly blame a Republican-associated justice (or any right-winger) for hesitating to mingle with liberals on their turf or even on supposedly “neutral” ground? There is, by the way, no such thing as neutral territory in Washington. Everywhere that isn’t explicitly patronized by Republicans and conservatives is liberal by default. Marcus even admits it.

“[P]erhaps some or all of the conservative justices fear that appearing in a more neutral and traditional venue, such as a law school, would open them to criticism or heckling,” she wrote. “That’s not in any way far-fetched.”

No kidding.

Earlier this year, after a draft decision by the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade leaked to the news media, rowdy protesters showed up outside the residential homes of several of the Republican-appointed justices. One man came to Kavanaugh’s house with a gun and called police to confess his intent to shoot the judge. (To which Marcus surely asked, “What’s Kavanaugh afraid of?!”).

Around the same time, GOP Sen. Ted Cruz was at a restaurant in Texas when a random man got in his face and accused him of being complicit in the murder of almost 20 schoolchildren.

Ruth Marcus: Bon appetit!

While serving as White House press secretary during the Trump administration, Sarah Sanders was famously kicked out of a Washington restaurant after staff told the manager they objected to serving her.

Just this week, conservative journalist James O’Keefe was entering a black-tie event in New York when a protester outside called him a “f-cking Nazi pig.”

Some guy last year followed Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson around an outdoors recreation store and called him “the worst human known to man.”

Maybe, just maybe, this is why so many on the right are living more discreetly or generally avoiding the places Ruth Marcus wants to see them. Those places are not only uninviting, they’re bitterly hostile to the point of being dangerous.

Marcus has people like herself to thank for sitting Supreme Court justices being unable to venture out without being attacked.

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