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Raphael Warnock Ad Celebrates Killing Unborn Babies With Disabilities

Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker on the debate stage
Image Credit"WJBF/YouTube"

A new campaign advertisement approved by incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia encourages aborting unborn children who have disabilities and labels Republican candidate Herschel Walker “cruel” for wanting to protect the unborn.

Featuring post-abortive mother Sarah Watkins sharing the story of her decision to abort her child, the ad makes an alarming case for eliminating children with certain undesirable genetic conditions. Watkins explains that her unborn daughter was diagnosed with Edwards syndrome, also known as trisomy 18 — a genetic condition that causes complications in growth during fetal development. The campaign advertisement stated that the condition is “usually fatal before birth or during the first year of life.”

“Even if she survived the pregnancy,” Watkins stated, “she would not live for more than a few days. The only way we could help her is to make sure that she went back to God in peace and in love, and that was the only decision we could make for her.” By “went back to God in peace and in love,” Watkins meant being killed and ripped out of the protection of a mother’s womb.

After using the heartbreaking story of killing her disabled baby to push for Warnock’s far-left abortion views, Watkins then smeared Republican candidate Herschel Walker for wanting to protect unborn babies like her daughter. “Herschel Walker thinks that as a politician, he knows better than a mother,” she said. “That’s not just wrong, it’s cruel.”

Watkins’ story of her unborn child’s likely-fatal diagnosis is absolutely devastating. Mothers who are told they will likely lose their children should be comforted and shown love and support.

But even for likely-fatal diagnoses, abortion (which is fatal by design) is not a solution. Abortion is not “love,” nor is it peaceful, but it instead intentionally and brutally ends the life of a child. A common second-trimester abortion — dilation and evacuation — uses forceps to dismember the child, ripping her limbs from her body and killing her violently in the process. This is the antithesis of love. It is a painful and gruesome ending to an unborn child’s life. The alternative option, the loving option, is to give the child a chance to live — even if doctors state the child’s life expectancy is only a few days — and to die naturally and comfortably. (Additionally, life expectancy estimates can be wrong, as can prenatal test results.)

Instead of giving women the empowerment to choose life when faced with these circumstances, Sen. Warnock’s radical abortion stance and this advertisement work to pressure and pigeonhole women into choosing abortion. Just as disturbing, Warnock sees nothing wrong with using an unborn child’s genetic disability to justify killing her, even before she has the chance to be born.

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