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Tucker Carlson: Evan McMullin Is A Democrat Who Is Lying To Utah Voters

Tucker Carlson Utah Monologue
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‘Evan McMullin has the same politics and worldview as Pete Buttigieg. He is running as a liberal Democrat,’ Carlson said.


Fox News’ Tucker Carlson railed against former House staffer Evan McMullin Friday night as a “liberal Democrat” masquerading in a red state Senate race as an independent.

“Utah is a conservative highly Republican state,” Carlson said in his opening prime-time monologue. “Evan McMullin has the same politics and worldview as Pete Buttigieg. He is running as a liberal Democrat. But he’s not running as a liberal Democrat, and that’s the key to success this year.”

McMullin is running as a self-professed independent, despite running with the complete endorsement of the Democratic Party while his campaign doles out $1.6 million to Democratic consultants in his crusade against GOP incumbent Sen. Mike Lee, one of the most constitutionally conservative senators in office. McMullin is also actively fundraising with the Democrats’ money machine ActBlue.

“Evan McMullin is roughly as independent as Kamala Harris is,” Carlson said. “McMullin is fully on board with every anti-family scheme the Democratic Party has dreamed up over the last decade. As a supposedly faithful Mormon, he can’t even acknowledge that Roe v. Wade was a bad decision.”

In May, McMullin trashed the Supreme Court’s leaked plans to overturn the landmark decision overturning Roe v. Wade in what became a generational accomplishment of the conservative movement.

“If Roe v. Wade is overturned,” McMullin wrote in a statement at the time wherein he also described himself a “pro-life Utahn,” “some states will immediately enact extreme laws – such as total bans on abortion, onerous limits on birth control, and criminalization of women in desperate situations.” With few specifics, McMullin said he “oppose[d] such laws.”

Carlson played a clip of McMullin going on MSNBC to argue the decision’s reversal by the Supreme Court this summer was the wrong way “for the country to move forward on this issue.”

McMullin laid the groundwork for his Utah Senate bid when he ran as the third-party NeverTrump presidential candidate in 2016. The ex-House staffer and former CIA officer is running today as the pet candidate of the publicly tarnished Lincoln Project. A McMullin upset threatens to hand Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer another term as majority leader.

Republican Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has refused to endorse the re-election bid of Lee, his same-state colleague of the same party. Every other Republican member of the upper chamber has offered Lee his or her full endorsement.

“I don’t get involved in primaries and I don’t endorse,” Romney told Politico earlier this year. Days later, the Utah senator attended a fundraiser for Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, who overwhelmingly lost her August primary to attorney Harriet Hageman.

Earlier this month on Carlson’s program, Lee challenged Romney to endorse his bid for a third term to keep Democrats from remaining in the majority.

“I don’t think Mitt Romney wants Chuck Schumer to continue to be the Senate majority leader,” Lee said. “If I’m right on that, then he needs to get on board, because that’s exactly what he will be producing.”

McMullin, on the other hand, thanked Romney for publicly refusing to back his constitutionally stronger fellow Utah senator.

“I respect that and appreciate it very much,” McMullin told Politico of Romney’s actions to undermine his own party this summer.

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