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Win For Election Integrity: Arizona County Releases Poll Watcher Data After RNC Lawsuit Over Democrat Slant


In response to a lawsuit filed by the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Republican Party of Arizona (RPAZ), Maricopa County has started releasing its poll watcher records — and hiring more Republicans.

As The Federalist previously reported, the RNC and RPAZ sued Maricopa County for allegedly violating state law by refusing to publicly release its poll watcher hiring data, after revelations surfaced that the county had disproportionately hired more Democrat than Republican poll watchers. State law requires equal representation between the two parties, but during its August primary elections, Maricopa hired 857 Democrat poll workers and just 712 Republicans. (Some residents blame the county registrar, hardcore libertarian and Democrat Party-sycophant Stephen Richer, who allegedly broke the law by using taxpayer resources to advocate against an election integrity ballot measure.)

Following the RNC and RPAZ’s lawsuit, Maricopa is now making public its poll watcher hiring data. So far, the county has filled 84 percent of its positions at vote centers. This includes 792 Democrats and 839 Republicans at polling centers county-wide, including 125 Democrats and 134 Republicans at Maricopa Tabulation and Election Center (where central counting takes place).

“Following a joint RNC and RPAZ lawsuit, Maricopa County has released its breakdown of hired poll workers in a massive victory for our Republican election integrity coalition,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and RPAZ Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward said in a joint statement. “After the disparity that occurred during the primary, it’s unfortunate that it took two Republican lawsuits to get this basic level of transparency and for the County to follow the law.”

The RNC and RPAZ also filed a second lawsuit against Maricopa County for burdensome regulations election officials imposed on poll watchers, making it more difficult to maintain equal representation of both parties.

This victory by the RNC follows another win in Clark County, Nevada, where election officials agreed to share poll worker data after the RNC filed a lawsuit.

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