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Joke’s On You! Looks Like The Biden Administration Wrote ‘SNL’s’ Unfunny Covid Comedy

The U.S. government waged psychological warfare against the American people, but at least we now know why ‘SNL’ jokes are so bad. 


It turns out the Federal Election Commission’s rules on disclosing advertisers in political ads don’t apply to all partisan entities.

According to Judicial Watch, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) enlisted and paid screenwriters, production companies, comedians, TikTok influencers, Joe Rogan guests, and church leaders to promote its Covid shot propaganda to the public. Yet nowhere have we seen “paid for by the HHS and CDC” on the sponsored ads the government used to bombard Americans over the last couple of years. 

The Biden administration made a plan to recruit “all media companies and show producers” to do its bidding, which would include NBC. NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (“SNL”) didn’t even need “paid for by” disclaimers for people to pick up on its vaccine propaganda, however. The studio’s pandemic “comedy” sketches felt far more like CDC and Big Pharma ads than jokes. The Federalist reached out to NBC to ask if SNL Studios’ executives, producers, writers, or comedians were involved in the CDC and HHS’s coordinated effort to push the Covid jab, and although the studio did not respond, it’s hard to believe SNL wasn’t involved.”

Mocking the Unvaxxed

In October 2021, rapper and filmmaker Ice Cube walked away from over $9 million after producers of the upcoming film “Oh Hell No” demanded he get the Covid jab. “SNL” did a sketch featuring cast member Kenan Thompson as an ignorant and socially unaware Ice Cube, and at the end, Thompson’s character said he isn’t getting the jab because he’s “scared of needles.” 

Never mind legitimate concerns about vaccine efficacy (which tanked) or injuries, such as menstrual cycle abnormalities or myocarditis, “SNL” made an example of Ice Cube, as if his reasons for turning down the Covid shot must be stupid and childish.

The show did the same thing to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who famously refused the shot despite discriminatory pressure tactics from the NFL to force him into compliance. The sketch joked that Rodgers’ refusal was predicated by his “Screw you, science. I know Joe Rogan” attitude. “SNL” also suggested Rodgers’ natural immunity was void, implied he was risking the lives of his teammates, and said his fear the vaccine could affect his fertility was “insane.”  

Making the Jab Cool

Another strategy “Saturday Night Live” used to push the vaccine was making the jab seem desirable and cool. In one cold open Kate McKinnon played Anthony Fauci on a fake game show called “So You Think You Can Get the Vaccine.” The February 2021 sketch featured different people being turned away from getting the shot because their young age or lack of comorbidities disqualified them during the initial stages of the vaccine rollout.

“SNL” was pretty frank about its intentions behind the sketch — and they weren’t to be funny. McKinnon stated: “Getting the vaccine shouldn’t be competition, but Americans will only want to get it if it means someone else can’t.” 

In another attempt to make the vaccine trendy, “SNL” came out with a catchy hip-hop song called “Boomers Got the Vax,” where the cast, dressed as elderly people, bragged to the younger generations that they were among the first people eligible for the jab. “The boomers got the vax/ No rumors, just facts, yeah/ Give it up if you’re 70+/ Everyone else gettin’ jealous of us, jealous of us.”

Mock Government

While “Boomers got the Vax” was at least clever (“Eat all the food, drink all the booze/ Sail all the cruise, while you still on the Zoom”), several “SNL” skits were straight-up ads for the CDC. A December 2020 cold open, featuring comedians playing Fauci and Trump’s Covid response coordinator Deborah Birx, solely answered questions about the vaccine rollout — as if “SNL” were literally the CDC and it was its job to inform the public on such matters. 

After the CDC issued a May 2021 statement decreeing that people who were fully vaccinated were no longer required to wear masks, widespread confusion ensued (and for good reason, considering the shot in no way prevents people from getting Covid). When the CDC was under fire, “Saturday Night Live” was there to save the day with a sketch featuring Fauci, again played by McKinnon, answering people’s questions about masking.

“So in summary, please, everyone get the vaccine, and enjoy life with no masks,” said McKinnon. Of course, that didn’t last long because a few months later the CDC altered its guidelines and started insisting the vaccinated mask up again.

No need to worry, though, “SNL” had the CDC’s back. It always has — from blasting Trump’s handling of the virus to worshiping Fauci — complete with bras thrown at the latter in every other sketch. The Fauci obsession is particularly offensive given his legacy. This man admitted to lying to the American people about mask efficacy, told people they didn’t need to wear masks, and then turned around and begged them to wear two. He promoted unconstitutional lockdown measures that elected officials used to shutter churches, close schools, and drive businesses to bankruptcy, and he smeared honest doctors who bravely challenged the now-defunct lockdown measures. 

Fauci also tried to silence those who proposed Covid originated in a lab. For if that’s true — which evidence suggests is probable — Fauci may actually be partly responsible for the outbreak. Indeed, Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases approved millions in grant money for Ecohealth Alliance, which the nonprofit infamously used for bat-based coronavirus research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

Where’s the father of the virus now? Fauci is retiring from his fear-mongering and economy-collapsing days with a net worth that doubled since the start of the pandemic and exceeds $12.6 million. Surely there’s more than enough material for a deprecating joke about Fauci, but “SNL” has refused to use any of it. If the CDC is paying for Covid jokes, “Saturday Night Live” isn’t going to take a swing at head man Fauci. 

Comedy is powerful. It has a unique ability to spark social change by gaining attention and traction, and the federal government knows this.

The vaccine works, and you should get it! “Saturday Night Live” told us sketch after sketch. And if you don’t get it, you won’t only be left out, everyone will mercilessly mock you, like Rodgers and Ice Cube. It’s true — the mechanical laugh track proves it!

The U.S. government vaccine campaign was psychological warfare against the American people. The Biden administration used Big Tech, TikTokers, media companies, and even church leaders to coerce Americans into taking an ineffectual vaccine that made Big Pharma lots of money and gave government bureaucrats oodles more power. The vaccine psyop conditioned Americans into compliance so that when the next “emergency” comes around, we’ll be ready to relinquish more rights and willpower.

It’s depressing, but at least you know why “SNL” jokes are so bad. 

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