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Biden Says Trumpism Is America’s Sickness, But Leftist Cancer Is What’s Really Killing Us

We are beyond the point of sugarcoating or minimizing the profoundly destructive effects of the left on American society.


As a neurosurgeon, I witnessed the ravages of cancer, which is defined as the process by which abnormal cells grow and multiply when they shouldn’t. Some cancers invade nearby tissues and can travel to distant places in the body to form new tumors. Absent effective and timely treatment, cancer kills. Talking to cancer doesn’t work; it is impervious to reason. Cancer does not even realize that it will ultimately kill itself when it kills its host body.

The political left in America meets the definition of cancer. It attacks healthy bodies, spreads aggressively, and if left untreated will destroy its host country. We are beyond the point of minimizing the profoundly destructive effects of the left on American society.

We have more than 100 years of examples of the left destroying societies, starting with the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. That regime intentionally starved to death tens of millions of people, including 4 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor.

The Red Chinese did the same to their citizens in the 1960s, starving more than 60 million people. Cambodia, Venezuela, Cuba, and countries throughout Africa experienced similar obliteration. The left’s consistent weapon of choice is reducing the food supply. Keep that in mind as “supply-chain issues” begin to plague our own food supply.

America in the Early Stages

In America, we are seeing the early stages of metastasizing leftist cancer. The left’s annihilation of my hometown of Detroit is well-known. Detroit was America’s richest and most successful big city until the early 1950s.

Left-wing mayors, city councils, prosecutors, and district attorneys in New York, Baltimore, Chicago, and San Francisco caused massive crime waves. This has led to citizens fleeing those cities in droves, adding to the downward spiral as the pool of responsible voters evaporates.

Rampant media censorship covers up this devastation. The murder totals in Chicago averaged 15 per weekend in 2021. But it is unlikely you saw coverage of this in the national news media, or honest, in-depth think pieces about what is causing the carnage and how to fix it.

Failing Schools

Our public schools, particularly in urban areas, but all over America, are festering cesspools of race-baiting, radical gender ideology, anti-Americanism, and low achievement. Teachers unions are the main obstacle to genuine reform. The unions run schools with an iron grip and full support from their Democratic allies. We recently saw Minneapolis Public Schools complete a contract renewal that will fire white teachers first, regardless of seniority or competence. In their efforts to fight a supposedly systemic racist system, they are instituting racist policies. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

The pandemic revealed to us the depths of horrific leadership in public education. But it also showcased a stark contrast between states run by competent executives and those run by leftist hacks. Schools were open and functioning normally in Florida by August 2020. California schoolchildren were still suffering through isolation and Zoom classes a year after that, contributing to learning loss and higher rates of depression, mental health problems, and even suicide.

Flawed Covid Response, Immigration Policies

Forced Covid vaccination schemes for more than 100 million Americans regardless of each individual’s need or conscience were another leftist push. It is now clear to everyone that the initial promises of the vaccine preventing infections and further spread were false.

The left even managed to hyper-politicize the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). If there was one time we needed trust in public health authorities, it was the last two years. Instead, Rochelle Walensky and the CDC exaggerated the threat of monkeypox while covering up data that suggests the Covid vaccine may not have lived up to its initial promises and may even be causing adverse health reactions, particularly in younger men. 

As if all this destruction were not enough, the Biden administration has let 3 million illegal aliens through our southern border with many more to come. Zero regard is given to background checks, criminal gang activity, rampant child sex abuse and trafficking, and the influx of fentanyl and other drugs that are killing 100,000 Americans every year. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is spending its time warning of the right’s “semi-fascism” and lamenting the threat of Trumpism, as the president did in his prime-time speech on Thursday.

Extraordinary Measures Needed

Every American should recognize that the political left is an aggressive, life-threatening cancer and that extraordinary measures are necessary. This is a harsh but accurate diagnosis. Again, cancer can’t be reasoned with or persuaded of its ill effects.

Americans must rise up in November in the biggest red wave of our lifetimes and send an unmistakable message to every leftist in Congress, in state capitals, and on city councils and school boards. Instead of allowing cancer to grow and multiply in our communities and our institutions, we must continue to fight it. Peaceful revolution is our goal. But enough Americans are aware of the results of unchecked leftism and won’t let America turn into Kiev in 1932 or Chongqing in 1960. We must preserve freedom for our progeny. May God bless our efforts.

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