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‘Baymax’ Shows Remorseless Disney Plans To Keep Pummeling Kids With Its Sexual Agenda

Girl hugging Baymax
Image CreditDisney Plus/YouTube

Disney is targeting kids by inserting its self-avowed, highly sexualized, ‘not-at-all-secret-gay-agenda’ into children’s shows.


Disney apparently didn’t learn from their most recent flop, “Lightyear,” that overtly sexualizing kids is not most families’ cup of tea, because the entertainment giant stepped up and swung again with their newest release. Disney’s newest kids show, “Baymax,” is enraging conservative viewers for its open attempt to brainwash kids into thinking a man buying himself period pads is normal. The show was released on June 29, only barely securing its rightful place as a Pride Month production.

The “Big Hero Six” spinoff features Baymax, Hiro’s white pudgy robot, helping all the characters in the city of San Fransokyo with the day-to-day hiccups in life. The series also features scenes openly promoting homosexual and transgender lifestyles.

Baymax’s only goal in life is to help people, so in episode three, when one of the characters starts her menstrual period at school, Baymax goes to the store to get her tampons. Because robots are apparently the only individuals now that don’t need menstrual products, Baymax is at a loss for what products to get until everyone in the aisle jumps to his aid, including a guy who hands him a box of pads, saying, “I always get the ones with wings.”

In episode four, Baymax watches a character named Mbita start to get butterflies for the guy he runs into at the farmers market, Yukio. Baymax nudges Mbita to get in touch with his feelings and eventually encourages Mbita to ask Yukio out on a date.

Yukio says yes, of course, because isn’t a “happily ever after” what Disney is all about?

Disney itself says no. Back in March in resistance to a Florida bill designed to prevent sexual grooming of children in school, a Disney executive producer boasted of Disney’s “not-at-all-secret-gay-agenda” and another employee was caught in a video call describing a “tracker” Disney uses to ensure they’re airing enough “gender-nonconforming characters.”

President of Disney General Entertainment Karey Burke also reportedly hinted that at least 50 percent of Disney’s leads would be LGBT or racial minorities before the year ends.

Stories to Disney are no longer means of communicating beauty or even merely sources of entertainment for kids. Stories are political cannons to be loaded with as many reality-defying agendas as they can contain, all while trying to paint such things as normal. Disney’s prime choice of ammunition? Sexualization.

If the trans person in the store aisle in “Baymax” wasn’t buying menstrual products, the character could easily fly under the radar as a normal man. The character is built like a guy and talks like a guy. Viewers may notice the pink and blue striped shirt, but last time I checked kids weren’t looking for political flags in people’s T-shirts. In other words, the person looks normal — except, of course, for the fact that men don’t have menstrual cycles. Disney is capitalizing on kids’ benign trust in their eyes to make trans look as normal as possible. There’s even another man in the aisle who is shopping for pads too, so the presence of the trans person doesn’t seem odd. Except this other man is a father shopping for pads for his daughter.

Disney’s ledger is steeped in hyper-sexualized content forced onto the eyes of six-year-olds. From kids’ shows and movies like “Baymax” to “Lightyear” to “Turning Red” to “Star vs the Forces of Evil” to the now-canceled “Owl House,” Disney is not relenting in its mission of targeting toddlers and elementary kids despite the outrage of more than 68 percent of the nation.