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The Red Wave Is Not Just Inevitable, It’s Also Conservative

Voters understand that the hour is late. Conservative warriors are being summoned by citizens ready to fight for the things that they love.


A political tsunami is coming for Democrats. The resounding victory of Republican newcomer Mayra Flores in the special election for Texas’ 34th congressional district signals what most political pundits and election prognosticators already know: a red tidal wave will soon sweep away a Democrat Party in thrall to far-left radicals and progressive extremists.

However, as impressive as Flores’ seven-point victory was in the nation’s second-most heavily Hispanic congressional district — a district which Joe Biden carried by four points — the real impact will be felt in state legislatures.

What the red tsunami portends is not merely a coming Republican majority in Congress and state capitols, but a realignment that propels conservatives into power. All across the nation in one primary after another, conservative state legislative candidates are defeating milquetoast establishment and moderate candidates. 

This is encouraging as it is in our home states where our freedoms and way of life will either be won or lost. The renewed focus on states from conservatives is a game-changing development. Indeed, the State Freedom Caucus Network was launched in December 2021 with this specific mission in mind: to create a bulwark outside Washington D.C. that will protect as many Americans as possible from both the neo-Marxist policies coming out of the modern Democrat Party and the fecklessness that is a hallmark of establishment elites in the Republican Party. 

The strategy appears to be working.

For example, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds supported a slew of conservative challengers against liberal Republican incumbents beholden to teachers’ unions and antagonistic toward school choice. Six establishment incumbents in the Iowa State House lost to pro-parent conservative challengers with all but one of Reynolds’ endorsed candidates defeating their entrenched opponents.

This stands in stark contrast to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, a darling of the Washington elite, who conversely supported eleven moderate candidates. Incredibly, Noem even backed Democrats who recently switched parties against budding South Dakota Freedom Caucus members. Only four of her preferred legislators won their primaries. 

For a sitting governor with a national profile, these results illustrate two realities: that Noem is fundamentally out of touch with her own electorate and that voters are backing candidates who will actually fight to preserve freedom.

In Georgia, members of the Georgia Freedom Caucus were targeted by establishment GOP forces seeking to rid themselves of meddlesome legislators with actual principles. David Ralston, the liberal Republican Speaker of the House, redrew district lines to punish conservative state legislators like Rep. Philip Singleton. While Singleton was forced to retire, Ralston’s overall efforts largely backfired as voters propelled every other member of the Freedom Caucus to victory. They even tossed out Rep. Bonnie Rich, the loyal lieutenant who redrew district lines for Ralston to punish conservatives.

In South Carolina, thirteen out of the fourteen members of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus won their primaries while four establishment incumbents lost to freedom-minded conservative challengers. In Nevada, Freedom Caucus incumbents won all their races with only one that remains undecided.

North Dakota Gov. Doug Borgum spent over $1 million to back moderate or left-leaning Republican candidates. He suffered similar results as Noem with conservatives crushing their opponents in primaries across the state.

The undercurrents of the red wave are clear: voters are in full revolt against the cultural and economic progressivism that is ravaging families and threatening our ability to live free. Voters are equally tired of the Republicans who enable and empower radicalized Democrats to trample our rights with woke nonsense.

It is for this very moment that the State Freedom Caucus Network exists. The Network stands ready to support liberty-minded state lawmakers with the resources, policy knowledge, and procedural strategies they need to ensure the rights of their citizens are protected and the progressive policies crushing American households are dismantled. 

Establishment Republicans push the oft-repeated talking points that only weak-kneed, or as they call them, “moderate,” GOP candidates are electable. This is, like most conventional wisdom, only conventional and not actually wise. 

On the other hand, voters understand that the hour is late. Unchecked progressivism, which has fully captured America’s cultural and political institutions after a decades-long march, now threatens the very freedom that undergirds our republic. Conservative warriors are being summoned by citizens ready to fight for the things that they love.

The red conservative wave is indeed upon us and candidates who do not stand with the American people will be washed out to sea.