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You Can Always Discern Democrats’ Gun-Control Goals Based On Which Tragedies They Exploit

Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX
Image CreditWFAA/YouTube

Democrats pick and choose which tragedies to milk for their anti-gun agenda based on how much political leverage firearm deaths grant them.


Democrats are silent after more than 30 people lost their lives this weekend to violent crime waves that continually sweep through the nation’s cities.

Why hasn’t President Joe Biden, who recently visited Uvalde, Texas, after 19 children and two adults died in a school shooting, tweeted something or planned trips to Nebraska, Illinois, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, where violence and shootings took the lives of dozens of people including children? Why hasn’t Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke executed another political stunt at a local press conference somewhere to call attention to a rise in domestic altercations that escalate into shootings? Mostly because none of the violence was politically advantageous for them.

The violence that took the lives of dozens of Americans over Memorial Day weekend either did not involve firearms such as AR-15s, which the left has openly admitted they want to confiscate, or occurred under the wrong conditions for grandstanding. Democrats pick and choose which tragedies to milk for their anti-gun agenda based on how much political leverage firearm-related deaths grant them.

In the case of Uvalde and every other school shooting, Democrats see the deaths of children to erroneously labeled “assault rifles” as an opportunity to move their gun-control agenda forward. They use families’ mourning to push do-somethingism on the American public and beg for “compromise” from their congressional peers.

As a result, squishy Republicans cede key ground in the Second Amendment preservation fight. Instead of hosting a constructive debate on the root causes of school shootings perpetrated by young males, they let their Democrat colleagues steamroll them into submission to pass legislation that only restricts law-abiding citizens’ right to buy and use guns.

This selective virtue-signaling is condemnable considering the record crime most U.S. cities have faced over the last two years. Where were the Twitter warrior AOCs and Sen. Chris Murphys of the world when urban crime and violence skyrocketed in 2020? They were cheering on, or at least caving to, the rioters who looted and set fire to government buildings during the summer of rage. They didn’t care that dozens of people died as of result of the “mostly peaceful protests” that caused an estimated $2 billion in damages.

It’s the same reason Biden avoided visiting Waukesha after a black man with a well-documented vengeance against white people plowed through a crowd of them at a Christmas parade with his vehicle. Sixty-two people left that day with injuries and six died, but all the president could muster was a small mention of the “horrific act of violence” during his presidential remarks on Covid-19 and the economy.

And it’s the same reason why corporate media largely ignores any stories detailing how good guys with guns prevent bad guys from hurting others.

Just last week, a West Virginia woman shot and killed a man who began firing his illegally obtained AR-15 at a crowd. Local officials acknowledged that her quick thinking and courage saved many lives, but the left will ignore it because it hurts their case to disarm Americans.

Democrats speak out against violence only when it’s useful for them and their anti-gun agenda. Their sadness about the lives lost in Uvalde might be authentic, but their outrage that Americans are losing lives to crime is not equally applied.