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Breaking News Alert Facebook Censors Media Who Criticize FBI's 'Deadly Force' Raid Against Trump

Twitter Allows Actual Hacked Doxxing Of Freedom Convoy Donors After Censoring Hunter Biden Reporting

Freedom Convoy in Canada
Image CreditDW News / YouTube

As its double standard shows, Twitter is really a propaganda tool that uses its power against people and for political gain.


Americans shouldn’t need more evidence to prove that Twitter is a malicious political actor that runs interference on behalf of leftists but the Big Tech company keeps providing it.

In its latest outrageous tampering for the left, Twitter sits idly by as the private information of hundreds of people who gave money to the Canadian truckers protesting tyranny circulates on its platform after a hacker leaked donors’ names, email addresses, and zip codes.

In contrast, Twitter banned the Hunter Biden laptop story from being shared in October 2020 because the political optics were terrible for their preferred candidate Joe Biden. The Big Tech company locked the New York Post’s account, blocked users from linking to the article, and then denied any wrongdoing.

When outraged conservatives, legislators, and New York Post reporters demanded the social media oligarchs answer for the blatant censorship, the inconsistent censors at Twitter claimed the story was suppressed because it violated the platform’s hacked materials policy and the company did not want to play a role in “doxxing.”

None of the information discovered on Hunter’s laptop detailing his shady foreign business dealings was hacked but Twitter ran with the excuse anyway and was subsequently cheered on by corporate media outlets which refused to cover the bombshell report.

While Twitter’s “hacked materials policy” certainly did not apply to the New York Post’s legitimate and confirmed story about Hunter, it should apply to efforts to spread Freedom Convoy donor information.

Twitter’s official doxxing policy clearly states that “we don’t permit the use of our services to directly distribute content obtained through hacking by the people or groups associated with a hack,” but that apparently doesn’t apply when it comes to targeting movements that the leftist Big Tech company opposes.

Twitter is now allowing information from admittedly hacked donor lists affiliated with the Canadian Freedom Convoy’s GiveSendGo campaign to circulate on its social media platform without retribution.

Corporate media propagandists and others are maliciously reproducing the donors’ names with hopes to expose the people funding a movement they’ve already misconstrued as an act of domestic terrorism and “nationwide insurrection.” The Washington Post’s Aaron Davis is just one of the many corporate media reporters who are intimidating Freedom Convoy supporters by naming them on his Twitter.

The Washington Post published an article analyzing the hacked material including breaking down who donated to the convoy and where they live. The story was quickly amplified by blue checkmarks on Twitter but wasn’t slapped with any censorship labels or warnings about the illegally obtained information.

At least one Canadian reporter at the Ottowa Citizen has also proudly reproduced donor names and even interviewed some of the supporters whose livelihoods and jobs are threatened due to the information leak.

Twitter concedes in its own policy that “the use of hacks and hacking to exfiltrate information from private computer systems can be used to manipulate the public conversation, and makes all of us less secure online” but so far, none of the tweets amplifying the donors’ names or private information has been slapped with punishment bans. Instead, the GiveSendGo hack has been lauded and amplified without any consequences.

Twitter’s evil double standard on doxxing is unsurprising but still harmful. There’s no doubt that this information will be used to cancel donors, just as it was when media outlets harassed the people who gave money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal defense fund after hackers exposed the donor list of people who donated.

Now, the federal government in Canada, which was so quick to encourage legal action against the truckers’ donation fund just a few days ago, also benefits from the spread of the hacked materials. As Democrats in the U.S. used information like that which was obtained from credit card and phone companies to target people who protested near or at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, the Canadian government will surely go after its citizens for opposing the regime and donating to the Freedom Convoy.

Twitter likes to pretend that it is a neutral platform that “accidentally” deplatforms harmless accounts such as @DefiantLs, which documents leftists’ hypocrisy, but the Big Tech platform is really a propaganda tool that uses its power against people and for political gain. The pro-censorship company’s recent threats to remove pictures taken without peoples’ permission based on the platform’s desires show that Twitter is manipulating its reputation to fit the narrative. Allowing the rampant spread of GiveSendGo data, which really does qualify as doxxing, is no exception.