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Leftist Nonsense Is Killing Washington DC, And It’s Time To Let It Die

D.C. tent city near Supreme Court
Image CreditElvert Barnes/Flickr

D.C. was never supposed to be like the Capitol in ‘The Hunger Games,’ where the wealthy clowns in charge destroy the vulnerable for sport.


Here today, gone tomorrow. That’s the reality of coercive medical mandates in Washington, D.C. — and, in a way, it’s the reality of the capital city itself.

Exactly one month after implementing a mandate requiring proof of vaccination at even private businesses, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that, as of Tuesday, there’s no need to show your papers anymore. By the end of the month, you can ditch the mask, too — unless you’re a child hostage in a school or daycare.

It’s a remarkable development. Just four days prior to the announcement, in a hearing before D.C.’s Alcohol Beverage Control Board, the attorney representing the D.C. government affirmed the suspension of Big Board’s liquor license because the sports bar refused to require masks and proof of vaccination for service. Even after Bowser’s announcement on Monday, the ABC Board confirmed the bar’s license would remain suspended indefinitely.

“The appropriate outcome of this hearing is an indefinite summary suspension,” the attorney representing D.C. said at the hearing just days ago. “Their continued operation places the community at risk and cannot be allowed.”

In just one weekend, D.C. absurdly went from persecuting a nondiscriminatory business for being a community “risk,” to giving all the rest of the district’s establishments the green light to conduct their business the same exact way and stop discriminating based on vaccination status.

But the nonsense cuts even deeper. Bowser’s vaccine mandate for local businesses never got to the point of requiring a second shot, meaning those who were vaccinated at the earliest shot rollout and whose immunity has long since waned were never required to get a booster but were treated as “clean” — because science.

Furthermore, despite all available data clearly showing that children are at the lowest risk of severe illness or death from this virus, Bowser’s ease-up on the mandates didn’t apply to them. While adults, including D.C.’s ruling class, are free to whip off their masks and breathe freely at bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, and workplaces, schoolchildren will still be required to keep their faces covered in the classroom, for the political reasons Sean Davis describes here:

No surprise, as D.C. has been going to hell under Democrat leadership for a while. Homicides in D.C. were up 14 percent in 2021 over 2020, which was up 19 percent from the year before that. Motor vehicle theft was up a whopping 50 percent in 2020 and then another 8 percent in 2021.

Last spring, I watched an attempted carjacking right in front of my own car in a “safe” neighborhood at dusk. The month before that, a Pakistani immigrant and UberEats driver was murdered by two teenage girls when they tased him and stole his car with the owner still hanging off the side.

Long before the vaccine mandate went into effect, the city was suffering under other heavy-handedness that the government blamed on Covid-19. Isolation exacerbated civil tensions and drove many restless Americans to the breaking point. The mentally ill became sicker still, and the parts of the city once populated by excited tourists were overtaken by vagrants and tent burroughs.

This skyrocketing crime — thanks to “progressive” policies, unchecked rioting, and severely understaffed police departments — paired with a government-induced Covid craze, chased the first wave of D.C. residents out of the District and into the rest of the country.

But it’s amazing how rapidly the pointless, month-long vaccine power trip wreaked so much additional havoc on the D.C. residents and businesses that remained, turning our nation’s capital into a bleak and pathetic ghost town. A D.C.-based colleague joked that going out for drinks on what would normally be a buzzing evening now feels more like hitting a down-and-out Old West saloon. One almost expects to see tumbleweeds a’rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Last year when Capitol Hill was chattering about D.C. statehood, I argued that the District of Columbia is a Third World country. Despite CNN clowns and NeverTrump has-beens calling me racist for it and siccing the mob on my personal Instagram to pretend that captions I wrote as a D.C.-infatuated intern are evidence of hypocrisy, I stand by it:

We don’t need to cross any borders to witness a failed state — or at least a dysfunctional wannabe state. The 68 square miles of Washington D.C. have it all: a pathetic education system, federal security that is a ‘shocking failure,’ law enforcement that stands by while mobs set fire to their squad cars, and lots of poverty and illiteracy — one in four adults in the District struggles to do basic reading, and one in three can’t do simple math. This is to say nothing of the city government, which is known to be fraught with corruption.

It’s not that D.C. doesn’t have an abundance of impressive photo ops — it does, and there’s no shame in posting photos of them on your Instagram, thank you very much. The problem isn’t that there are no beautiful parts. It’s that those bastions of history and luxury are surrounded by filth, poverty, and District-endorsed lawlessness.

It’s precisely for that reason that D.C. is like a Third World country and why it deserves to rot in disgrace. The rich and powerful sit maskless, fat, and rich behind their security fences or at extravagant parties, all the while ignoring the mentally ill and addicted who are pitching tents down the street and dodging gunfire.

DC fence around Capitol
Image CreditTed Eytan/Flickr

Meanwhile, small businesses sit defenseless when either a riotous mob or a vengeful Alcohol Beverage Control Board comes knocking at their door to snatch their livelihoods for having the wrong opinions.

Washington was never supposed to be like the Capitol in “The Hunger Games,” where the wealthy and powerful clowns in charge destroy the lives of the vulnerable for sport, watching from the safety of their ivory towers.

Just like the rest of D.C.’s leftist nonsense, its asinine vaccine mandate — however short-lived — did nothing but accumulate more government power and screw the little guys. But in the process and to its own demise, it made the city more unlivable and more unbearable.

D.C.’s stupidity is killing it one self-inflicted blow at a time. It’s time just to let it die.