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Inside The Latest Protest Against Vaccine Coercion At The Nation’s Capital

vaccine protest

Doctors said natural immunity is stronger than protection from the vaccine and bemoaned corrupt corporations’ influence on health policy.


Thousands from across the world gathered in the U.S. capital to protest the Covid-19 vaccination mandates recently put in place in cities across the country, most prominently last week in Washington, D.C., in an event called “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming.” Protesters marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, where they heard speeches and music, all encouraging noncompliance of the vaccine mandates.

Speakers ranged from doctors to comedians to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The overall message of the day was clear: vaccine mandates are unconstitutional and must be abolished. Nearly every speaker also preached a more surprising message of love, bipartisanship, unity, and peace.

The sign hanging from behind the media platform read “vaccinated unvaccinated democrat republican independent Americans of all races backgrounds religions united we stand in peace we march.” Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins harkened back to Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke where he was 58 years ago, saying that both of them are fighting for freedom.

“You understand 58 years ago we were standing in this square, trying to unite the world to come together to fight against the tyranny of their time. Now it is our time to fight against the tyranny of our time.”

Peaceful and Loving Protest

Jenkins said Americans are loving people, and it will take courage, sacrifice, and love of one another to save the nation from succumbing to tyrannical mandates. In a moment of what can only be described as pure endearment, he even asked protestors to hug one another, many of whom did.

Allison Schuster

Through much of the protest, amid audience-wide chants of saving the children and ending the tyranny, music from solo artists and a live band blared through the speakers in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Other common themes include trusting God, distrusting the media, and a strong disdain for big pharma and the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and National Institutes of Health.

A few speakers adopted some rhetoric from the left, arguing everyone at the protest will be on the “right side of history.” One such speaker, emcee J.P. Sears, described the gravity of the mandates, telling how he and others will tell future generations of current times.

Allison Schuster

“We will either be telling them stories about what freedom was or what mandates were.”

Doctors Emphasize Natural Immunity’s Strengths

A team of doctors took up a large portion of the speech portion of the demonstration. Although individual doctors spoke with varying emphases, all echoed that natural immunity is undoubtedly stronger than protection from the vaccine.

Almost all doctors also said the vaccine is a result of corrupt corporations and government agencies working to promote their own profits rather than actually promoting life-saving treatment, which was available long before the vaccine was created.

Big Pharma Controlling Our Health Policy

“We are fighting a war. It’s a war on our health. It’s a war that’s been going on for decades and it’s waged by the pharmaceutical industry. They have always put profits before patients. That toll has been heavy over the decades. It is now a crime against humanity,” Dr. Pierre Kory, founding member of Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance said. “We are fighting against Big Pharma. They have controlled and captured our health agencies. Every single policy that they have issued out of those agencies.”

Kory said for two years there have been “cheap, safe, highly effective, and widely available medicines” to treat Covid-19, a fact that has been suppressed through censorship and propaganda. Many of his colleagues in health care have even been brainwashed, he said, although many may not believe vaccines are more effective but encourage patients to get them to avoid losing licensing.

Losing Liberty

“They tell us to vaccinate ourselves endlessly and boost ourselves. Even though that single strategy has failed, is failing, it will continue to fail,” Kory said. “The phrase ‘live free or die’ has never meant more to me than it does now. We must live free or we will die, everybody.”

Both Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and chief of ethics at The Unity Project, and Dr. Robert Malone, the scientist known for helping invent mRNA technology, focused on the ruling class’s manipulation of Covid to foster control. A society grounded in social distancing is antithetical to humanity, Kheriaty argued, and has served as a pretext for expanding state powers with no end in sight.

Allison Schuster

“We’re seeing the emergence of what I call a biosecurity surveillance regime. The welding of digital technologies, public health, and police power, are leading to unprecedented invasions on our privacy, and intrusive methods of control,” Kheriaty said. “And keep in mind that this pretext of public health and public safety historically has been used to pave the way even for totalitarian regimes.”

Those who have suffered serious health consequences after receiving the vaccine were also represented at the rally. A few shared their testimonies, and there was a moment of silence for those suffering from adverse effects of the vaccine.