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CNN Outdoes Itself With Cringe Propagandist Segment On ‘Suburban Women’ Who Don’t Mind School Closures

These women aren’t among the throngs of parents fuming at their local leaders for shutting down schools and kicking out healthy kids.


Some alleged mothers in the suburbs of Ohio appear to have taken White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s advice and started drinking their worries away. It seems to be working.

Or maybe CNN is just spitting up more propaganda? You can never tell.

The cable channel aired a segment Monday on parents and schools in the pandemic. The context of the story was the quickly growing number of women fed up with Democrat-backed school closures and policies keeping their kids needlessly locked out of classrooms.

Katie Paris runs the wine mom group appropriately named “Red, Wine and Blue.” She said in the segment, featuring four other women popping bottles and pouring wine into their glasses, that she’s “been hoping and wanting the White House to pay a lot of attention to those conversations that are happening at the bus stop.”

Those prayers were answered this month, according to the report, by the — get ready for it — “first ever White House Covid-19 parent check-up.” Mind you, this wasn’t an event where parents could get assurance from the Biden administration that it was pressuring all schools to be 100 percent open or even get a definite schedule that might help them make plans for their children. It was a Zoom call with mousy Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to answer “all of your questions regarding COVID 19, the vaccine and how they may impact your children.”

Let the wine flow!

Here’s the real catch to CNN’s news package, though. These women aren’t among the throngs of parents across the nation fuming at their local leaders for shutting down schools and kicking out hundreds of thousands of perfectly healthy kids to “quarantine” at home. The Red, Wine and Blue moms are “a group that tries to get suburban moms to vote Democratic.”

When the CNN correspondent asked one of the moms, Amanda Weinstein, if Democrats should be worried at the boiling voter resentment turning their way, Weinstein slurred her way off the school subject altogether. “They should be worried if they duck,” she gargled. “They should be out there proudly, ‘I want paid leave. I want universal child care.’ Say it proudly, say it loudly. Don’t duck and then if they don’t do that, they should be scared.”

Parents watching no doubt wondered what any of that had to do with the shocking mistreatment of their children by teacher unions (Democrats) and the useless “guidance” put out by CDC officials (Democrats).

Fortunately for Weinstein, the group’s founder Katie Paris was nearby to offer some cover. “And say that we want to keep our schools open and we’re going to make sure that parents and teachers have all the support they need to be able to do that safely.”

Yeah, we’ve heard that before. “We want our children back in their classrooms as soon as possible,” said Chicago Public Schools head Pedro Martinez — in a letter to parents announcing yet another closure.

When someone says, “we want to keep our schools open,” and follows it with, “they need to be able to do that safely,” you know that person has absolutely no sense of urgency to keep schools open.

The Biden administration pushed out $2 trillion dollars last year with one explicit purpose being to ensure schools were awash with all the money they would need to do whatever was necessary to stay open. But here we are.

Biden laughably stated in a news conference last week that “over 95 percent” of schools are “still open.” That’s preposterous. But even if it were accepted as true, the 5 percent that are closed are in metropolitan (Democrat-run) areas and house a disproportionate number of students, most of them minorities. And of those that are open, it’s depressingly common for them to retain policies that send kids home for days on end if they come in contact with another student or teacher who tests positive for Covid.

Or, as is happening in blue Virginia school districts in defiance of Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s orders, kids may be sent home if their parents choose not to put them in masks. The school might be open, but what good is that if your kid is forced to be home?

Those wine moms don’t care, even if CNN is pretending they represent “suburban women.” One more thing about the winos. Their highest-profile member is none other than Rachel Vindman, the wife of Trump impeachment 1.0’s Alexander Vindman.

CNN never got around to mentioning that.