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CNN Hires Convicted Thief, Viral Purveyor Of Misinformation Rex Chapman

Rex Chapman
Image CreditYouTube/Photo

CNN hired convicted thief Rex Chapman, who uses his popularity on Twitter to spread misinformation, this week to host a new show on the network’s digital streaming platform.

CNN announced the hire on Tuesday and claimed that Chapman’s “viral social media presence where he shares humor and positivity” will be an asset to the network.

“In that same spirit, Chapman’s weekly CNN+ show will include intimate conversations with athletes, entertainers and everyday heroes as Chapman looks for the silver lining beyond today’s toughest headlines,” CNN said in a statement.

It comes as no surprise that CNN, which has lost multiple employees in recent months after they were arrested and charged with sex crimes involving juvenile victims, hired yet another criminal to join its staff.

In 2015, Chapman, a former NBA star, was sentenced to 750 hours of community service and forced to pay at least $15,000 to an Arizona-based Apple store after he pleaded guilty to shoplifting technology totaling more than $14,000 and then attempting to resell the products.

“Police said Chapman made it appear he was using the store’s self-checkout but left without paying. He was accused of stealing from the store seven times and selling the items for cash,” ESPN reported.

At the time, Chapman claimed he was battling an addiction to prescription narcotics.

In addition to hiring yet another criminal employee, it is also really is no surprise that the network that regularly promoted the Russia collusion hoax and amplifies health bureaucrats’ Covid lies on a regular basis would employ yet another purveyor of misinformation.

Chapman has a long history of using his Twitter platform to spread lies that paint Democrats and their agenda in a positive light.

During the 2020 election, Chapman spread a fake conspiracy theory claiming that GOP officials locked USPS mailboxes to prevent Americans from voting. His tweet, featuring a photo that appeared to be from a news story about thieves stealing mail in 2016, received more than 20,000 retweets.

When multiple users pointed out the fake narrative, Chapman insulted them and insisted he was telling the truth.

In 2020, Chapman claimed that “Breonna Taylor’s killers were at the wrong house.” The search warrant used by officers during a narcotics investigation, however, “includes her street address, apartment number, and photos of her apartment door,” as the Louisville Courier Journal reported. Despite the zealous censorship Twitter displays elsewhere, the patently false tweet which garnered 81.8 thousand likes was not taken down or qualified with a “missing context” label from the social media platform.

Chapman also regularly made a spectacle of spreading lies and bad takes about former President Donald Trump, Republicans, Jan. 6, the not guilty verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial, and politicians he disagreed with.

One day before President Joe Biden was inaugurated in 2021, Chapman shared a video of a band outside of the White House featuring manipulated audio.

In addition to his strong presence on social media as a political misinformant, Chapman also joined the ranks of other Democrat politicians and elites who, despite sounding off on social media about Covid-19, happily disregarded virus rules to have his own fun.