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Besides Trump, Biden Is The Most Unpopular President In 80 Years


After just 12 months in office, President Joe Biden is the most unpopular president the nation has had in 80 years. Overall, only 25 percent of Americans say they are “satisfied” with the Biden presidency, which currently holds a 44 percent approval rating in a new poll from CBS News.

The CBS poll also found that at least half of Americans said Biden’s one-year tenure in the White House has left them “frustrated.” At least 49 percent of those surveyed said they also felt “disappointed” with Biden’s track record, specifically on inflation and Covid-19, while 40 percent claimed they were “nervous” about the future of the country.

“With the exception of former President Donald Trump who clocked in at 40.2 percent approval at this point in his term, according to FiveThirtyEight, Biden’s approval is lower than that of any president at the one-year mark going back to Harry Truman,” Mediaite reported.

For months, Biden and his team have suffered scathing poll numbers. As early as February 2021, about a month into his presidency, Biden’s disapproval rate shot up to 37 percent while his approval with the American public fell to 57 percent. As the southern border crisis grew worse and Biden’s anti-oil and gas executive orders began to take their toll, Biden’s poll numbers fell even further. After his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal in August, which resulted in the death of 13 U.S. service members, Biden’s approval was quickly dropping.

“The full poll, which surveyed 800 likely voters on from August 12 through August 18, found that 49 percent of those surveyed approved of the job Biden is doing as president, while 45 percent disapproved,” The Federalist’s Sean Davis noted in August. “However, a sub-sample of 327 likely voters polled between August 16 and August 18 when news of the fall Afghanistan became public found that only 38 percent approved of Biden’s job, while 51 percent of those polled after Afghanistan fell disapproved of Biden’s job so far.”

By September, 50 percent of Americans — fed up with a southern border crisis, inflation, supply chain issues, botched foreign policy, and never-ending Covid-19 lies — said they disapproved of the president and his administration. That number even jumped to 51 percent multiple times in the last quarter of the year.

Vice President Kamala Harris also experienced skyrocketing disapproval as 2021 went on. By November, 51.2 percent of Americans disapproved of Harris’s work as VP. Between her refusal to visit the southern U.S. border, her lack of presence during the Afghanistan crisis, and her inability to give an interview without maniacal laughter, Harris had only gained 28 percent of voters’ approval.