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Tech Censorship Of Robert Malone Is Not About Misinformation, But Power

The tyrannical impulses of the COVID regime are thoroughly at odds with the democratic process and human freedom.


Podcaster Joe Rogan recently interviewed the distinguished virologist and inventor of the mRNA vaccine Dr. Robert Malone. In a more than 3-hour conversation, the two discussed nearly every major issue related to the world’s response to Covid-19. After the interview, Malone coined the phrase “mass formation psychosis,” or when a segment of the population are brainwashed about a certain issue to the extent that they lose their ability to reason about it, to describe today’s Covid regime.

The interview included many other bombshell moments. Malone criticized Covid vaccines for their ineffectiveness and dangerous side effects along with the grossly unethical move to force every person to take them. He explained the financial incentives of medical organizations to avoid early treatment and prevent incoming Covid patients from recovering.

To his great credit, Rogan kept the interview on topic and challenged Malone on some of his more contentious conclusions. Malone was careful not to move beyond his area of expertise and proved that he is not an attention-hungry conspiracy kook.

Whether one chooses to accept Malone’s arguments or not, the interview was of great value to the conversation about how to best respond to Covid-19, including a clearer understanding of the virus and the different treatments for it. So why did Big Tech platforms like YouTube and Twitter censor the interview and essentially cancel Malone, a far more qualified expert in viruses and vaccines than are media-proclaimed “experts” such as Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx?

Certainly, powerful people — particularly those in Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government — benefit from silencing people like Malone, even if it fuels the very conspiracies they aim to quell, but why do so many normal Americans go along with this? Are they just ignorant or do they have a selfish side that likes the changes Covid has wrought upon society?

Obviously, it’s a bit of both. Most people likely go along to get along because the alternative would be joining the ranks of Covid critical thinkers who continue to face all kinds of marginalization and discrimination from all directions.

There is also something deeper at play that explains much of the tyrannical impulses of the Covid regime: it is based on a utilitarian ethic that is thoroughly at odds with the democratic process and human freedom.

Rather than view people speaking and acting for themselves as intrinsic goods, leftist utilitarianism views these activities as counterproductive and harmful. If the goal is to have technological and cultural progress, then the fastest way to achieve this would be to centralize authority and empower it to eliminate dissent and enforce collective cooperation.

However, because humans value their freedom and autonomy, leftists will obscure their questionable methods by speaking only of their lofty goals. They will speak of utopias of perfect diversity, equality, prosperity, purity, and justice at the same time they aggressively suppress the means taken to create these utopias. If anyone objects to these methods, they will be mischaracterized as objecting to the goals. Conform, or you’re a bigot.

Hence, in the case of the Covid vaccines, anyone who objects to mandates even if they support vaccines will be labeled murderous anti-vaxxers all the same.

Malone has all the science and expertise that the left demands, but his failure to conform slows down what they see as progress towards a uniform America where everyone is in agreement. Even if this results in some children suffering from heart disease, women seeing their menstrual cycles disrupted, and the whole population getting continually infected with each new Covid variant, it is worth bringing society together to respond efficiently (if not effectively) to each new crisis.

As so many tragic examples of totalitarian regimes have shown, such oppression does the opposite of what it intends. It creates far more problems and results in societal regression. Rather than bringing communities together, it breaks them up and atomizes them into the smallest possible units. Eventually, the means overtake the ends as absolute power becomes the point, not stopping misinformation.

Fortunately, reality has a way of reasserting itself, and those virtuous Americans who use their common sense, get informed, and refuse to be gaslit will be vindicated at some point. Unfortunately, the longer this takes to happen, the more painful it will be.