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Domenech: The Crisis Of The House Divided

Ben Domenech on Fox News Primetime
Image CreditFox News/Photo

Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech said that the government’s response to COVID-19 has created the “crisis of the house divided” during Fox News “Primetime” on Thursday.

“On the precipice of the Year of our Lord 2022, with the COVID-19 pandemic entering its third year, this is what the panic and politics of the disease has brought us: a house divided,” Domenech said.

One example of this, Domenech noted, was the Met Gala in September, which was used by celebrities and politicians to grandstand while masked workers labored.

“What we’ll remember is the masked men and women who appear — nameless, faceless, expressionless, thankless — in the background of the lives of the elites, on the fringes of their decadent celebrations,” Domenech said.

“While the powerful, the rich, the celebrities, the politicians party and delight in their unearned gilt and glitter, they’re working. These Americans are working while their rulers have made them hide their faces. They have made them hide their faces, with the excuse of public health and a bygone crisis — all the better to make the rest of us look at them, as they party and preen,” he added.

Instead of using their influence and authority to enact measures based on data and true science, Domenech said bureaucrats expressed “bad faith, incompetence, and dimwittedness.”

“The pandemic — which is, make no mistake, serious and deserving of public attention — has advanced and receded according to its own logic and imperatives, nearly impervious to any public policy decreed by our hapless leadership,” Domenech said. “Travel bans haven’t worked. Mask mandates haven’t worked. Lockdowns haven’t worked. Social distancing hasn’t worked. The entirety of an incompetent public health and epidemiological apparatus hasn’t worked. The whole toolkit of ham-fisted government hasn’t worked.”

Domenech said that while “American private enterprise has responded well to the pandemic,” the “ruling class wants the pandemic to continue.”

“They persist in the masking, in the lockdowns, in the travel bans, in the coercion, because it expresses and enables their rule. Period. Full stop,” Domenech said. “The masked anonymous drones holding the train of a progressive superstar’s party gown is exactly what they want Americans to be. Stripping identity is what they do these days, whether it’s poisoning your children against America in the public schools, tearing down monuments of our founders … or erasing your face from public view … while their own bright smiles beam in the limelight.”

While one half of America, “the free America,” lives life as normal and gathers to ring in the New Year, Domenech said the “unfree” half will keep a “neurotic fixation” that “atomizes communities, pulls families apart, perpetrates child abuse with remote schooling and mandatory masking, curbs the worship of God, forces medical procedures on pain of ostracism and unemployment, and subjects absolutely everyone to the capricious rule of an unqualified elite.”

“It is not a regrettable necessity. It is the desired outcome of the authoritarian left. It is their vision for the future,” Domenech said. “You need to wake up to this reality. And now that you are awake — you need to fight. A house divided against itself, after all, cannot stand.”