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I’m Thankful For Joy Reid

Joy Reid

In the year since last Thanksgiving, no one has been more influential in shaping the course of my career than MSNBC’s Joy Reid.


In the year since last Thanksgiving, no one has been more influential in shaping the course of my career than MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Others on the left come close, but no one is quite as good at representing, day in and day out, just how awful Democrats and the media have become. Watching Reid’s show is the surest way to get a sense of where the left’s depravity stands and where it’s headed. Her program has been a godsend in providing me with direction in explaining and answering any given lie that Democrats and the media are excitedly spreading.

Whatever Reid says, odds are you can count on the opposite being the truth. And that’s why this year, I’m deeply thankful that Joy Reid has a nightly show on prime-time television.

I appreciate in December 2020, Reid continued the media campaign to make Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis look bad on the pandemic. “As Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis has made one hideous move after another,” she babbled. But, she said, his biggest screw-up had been “when it comes to the coronavirus.”

Reid’s leading data point to back up that accusation was that Florida at the time was “only one of the three states with more than 1 million cases, and those case numbers are rising.”

Such breathless declarations on DeSantis were routine for the past year but they had the unintended effect of inspiring interest in what actually was happening in Florida and all indications are that even without obsessing over masks and resisting draconian economic restrictions, the DeSantis administration has done relatively well in limiting the damage of COVID-19.

At the time, Florida did have more than 1 million cases. But so did deep-blue California, with 1.5 million. The third state with more than 1 million was Texas. Incidentally, all three states have the largest populations in the country. Of course they had the highest total number of positive cases.

But even though Florida has a higher population than blue state New York (and an older one), Florida to this day continues to have the lower COVID death rate. Florida has suffered 285 deaths per 100,000 people. In New York, it’s 292.

Average person: Wow, so mask mandates and lockdowns don’t necessarily mean COVID success? Good to know for 2022 and 2024! Thanks, Joy!

I also appreciate Reid bringing my attention to the Kyle Rittenhouse homicide trial in advance, something I had not planned on paying attention to until she claimed on her show in late October that an acquittal would reinforce white supremacy. When Reid says it’s about race, you know it’s actually devoid of race.

Reid had pondered whether there was anything prosecutors could do to “make sure that this doesn’t wind up being a jury that essentially approximates the Emmet Till jury back in the 1950s.” Spotting the red flag, I refreshed my memory on the details of the Rittenhouse shootings from August of last year, curious as to where Reid was drawing the dubious race link.

Couldn’t find it. Other than that the riot scene where the shootings took place had also been a place where Black Lives Matter protests were taking place, nothing about it was racial. Others around the country apparently noticed the same and while on that fact-finding crusade, we all noticed something else — that Rittenhouse was in fact the victim!

Had not half the country realized they’d been told a lie, pressure on the jury from the left to deliver a guilty verdict might have been successful.

Good thing Reid was putting out the alerts. Thanks, Joy!

And thanks to all of you who have been reading along. Happy Thanksgiving.