Whoopi Goldberg Rediscovers Racism With Glenn Youngkin Victory

Whoopi Goldberg Rediscovers Racism With Glenn Youngkin Victory

A white Republican won an election somewhere so I hope you’ve all dusted off your white hoods. We’re a racist country again.

That’s literally how Democrats and leftists in the media talk: When things go their way it’s a welcome sign that the dark days of slavery are finally behind us. When they don’t, it’s a reminder that white Americans are just itching to use the n-word.

Whoopi Goldberg on “The View” said Wednesday that this week’s election in Virginia resulting in a win for Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin showed that “we” need to “get to the place” on race “where everybody thought we were.”

She also offered a helpful reminder that it was “not that long ago” that lynchings took place in Virginia.

Is there any doubt that Goldberg would not have said a word about how racist white Virginians are had the election gone in favor of the Democrat?

This is all because voters ranked education as a top concern in that election, largely in protest of having so-called “critical race theory” taught in public K-12 schools. It’s apparently bigoted to oppose lesson plans that fill the heads of children with ideas about being irreparably racist by default. Who knew?

The “that’s so racist” argument against the results makes even less sense when you account for Virginians on the same night electing a black woman as lieutenant governor. Then again, like Youngkin, she’s also a Republican so the left doesn’t find her very interesting. Oh well!

To the left, racism is only something we’re all expected to obsess over when they’re trying to gain something, keep something, or have failed at either. That is to say, all of the time. The difference is that when they get their way, we’re all supposed to feel at least a little bit better.

In Virginia, it didn’t go their way. See you at the next Klan rally.

Eddie Scarry is the D.C. columnist at The Federalist and author of "Privileged Victims: How America's Culture Fascists Hijacked the Country and Elevated Its Worst People."
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