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Tucker: Youngkin Recognizes Democrats’ Race Obsession Is ‘An Assault’ On American Principles

‘We’re not going to … teach our children to view everything through a lens of race,’ Youngkin said. ‘We’re all of one body in Christ.’


Fox News’s Tucker Carlson explained in his monologue on Monday that Virginia gubernatorial Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe’s incessant focus on race is only giving his opponent Republican Glenn Youngkin more stamina to win the state.

“Now, to his credit, McAuliffe’s opponent, Glenn Youngkin, who has really improved with every day of this campaign as people do sometimes in these campaigns, has called this kind of rhetoric for what it is. It’s a racial attack. It’s also an assault on the founding principles of the United States, which to sum up, is the Christian belief that all people, regardless of their skin color, are equal before God,” Carlson said.

Carlson, among others in conservative media including The Federalist’s Tristan Justice, noted the heightened presence of Democrats’ preoccupation with race and racism in this particular election.

“In Virginia, as in the rest of the country, Democrats have been yammering about race nonstop, specifically about the dangerous racism of White people, literally without ceasing for the last year and a half. It’s all they talk about. It’s a kind of monomania. Not surprisingly, therefore, questions about race have dominated the Virginia governor’s election, and in a normal year, that would seem odd,” Carlson said. “In this case, both candidates are White, and the state they’re hoping to run doesn’t, objectively speaking, have a lot of race problems. Virginians of all colors tend to get along pretty well, as they do nearly everywhere in America, no matter what they tell you on CNN. And yet, listening to Terry McAuliffe, who’s the Democratic nominee, you get the impression it’s 1855 in Richmond. As we speak, human beings are being auctioned downtown.”

This narrative is essential to the Democrat platform but it’s one that Youngkin has taken on headfirst.

“But friends, let me be clear. One of the things we’re not going to do in our schools is teach our children to view everything through a lens of race. We know it’s not right. We know in our heart. I mean, we’re all of one body in Christ,” Youngkin said at a recent campaign event. “How in the world can we teach our children to be divided up into buckets with one group being privileged, another group being victims? That’s just not right. It steals their dreams. We know that. … So let me just be clear on day one, I will ban critical race theory. It will not be in our schools. It just won’t.”

“Well, exactly. Nicely put,” Carlson said. “We may be different in many ways and we are, but we are all worth the same. Period. And anyone who doesn’t believe that should not be within a hundred yards of power ever.”

While McAuliffe is “defending Joe Biden’s lunatic, openly racist equity agenda,” the Virginia Department of Education continues to endorse critical race theorists such as Ibram X. Kendi, and the NeverTrump grifter group the Lincoln Project concocted a fake race hoax to wrongly cast Youngkin supporters as white supremacists, Carlson said it’s “no wonder” that Youngkin is speaking to the voters who are most affected by this ridiculous race talk and winning in some polls.

“So [the corporate media are] trying their best at every level, they are trying their best to drag professional sleazeball Terry McAuliffe across the finish line in Virginia. And despite all these efforts, the lying, the misdirection, a lot of people in the state, and not just Republicans, realize what’s actually happening and who’s behind it,” Carlson said.  “They can send a very clear signal to the people doing it. Stop dividing us by race. Stop indoctrinating our schoolchildren to hate us. Stop treating parents like domestic terrorists. This is not about whether a Republican or a Democrat wins … This is about where we go from here as a country.”