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Australia’s COVID Police State Is Coming To A Country Near You

Australia police

What was once a liberal democratic society has steadily descended into a full-fledged police state.


Australia has been in the news an awful lot lately and for all the wrong reasons. What was once a liberal democratic society has steadily descended into a full-fledged police state, with the Pacific nation seemingly returning to its roots as a former prison colony.

In an effort to “save lives,” the country’s political leadership has continued to implement some of the most draconian and tyrannical COVID restrictions among the Western world, with state governments  determining what constitutes as a legitimate reason for Aussies to leave their homes. Any citizens caught protesting or violating these restrictions have often been subjected to violence from Australian law enforcement, who have seemingly become emboldened in their newfound role as government henchmen.

While Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently acknowledged the nation’s “covid zero” policy is “not a sustainable way to live,” he has also said Australia will only reopen its borders and end lockdowns when 80 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated. Judging by the tyrannical nature of Australia’s COVID restrictions thus far, the government’s vaccination push looks to be just as satanic.

According to, Australia’s national government is set to announce the implementation of “new ‘no jab, no pay’ rules for all health workers,” which is set to include “public hospitals, ambulance services, private hospitals, GPs, private nurse offices and consulting offices.” Pharmacies and private pathology centers will also be covered by the new requirements, as well as “student nurses and doctors on work experience placements and Defence Department health services.”

States have also begun to gin up rules for how they plan to segregate society based on vaccination status, with New South Wales (NSW) government officials warning that individuals who choose not to get the jab will lose their recently granted freedoms when the state lifts restrictions later this month.

“So there will be individuals in regional and rural NSW who choose not to be vaccinated who will lose their freedoms on October 11,” said recently resigned NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro.

“I think today is a very disappointing day for those who aren’t vaccinated. I think they assumed when we hit 80 per cent double dose they would have certain freedoms,” added recently resigned NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian. “It is not too late. You have the option, go today, make your booking and get vaccinated not only to protect yourself and your loved ones but also the community.” NSW residents who opt out of getting the shot will be forced to remain in lockdown until Dec. 1.

Covidian Cultists Want to Import This to America

While some U.S. politicians such as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis have voiced outrage over Australia’s horrific COVID response, the vast majority of America’s political class couldn’t be bothered to condemn the grotesque human rights violations taking place. It’s not that American elites aren’t aware of what’s going on in the “Land Down Under.” Their silence is a tacit endorsement of such brazen totalitarianism.

Look no further than President Joe Biden, who has not only stayed mum on Australia’s authoritarian shift, but has actively gone out of his way to implement an Australian-style vaccine mandate by unconstitutionally ordering certain private businesses to force their employees into unwanted medical procedures.

Coupled with his constant and inaccurate referrals to the COVID-19 outbreak as a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Biden has repeatedly shown that he’s more than willing to both violate long-held constitutional barriers and push an already-divided society to the breaking point in order to amass more power for the state. So much for coming together.

Add to the mix White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, who recently let the cat out of the bag during a lecture at McGill University when he told Canadians opposed to vaccine mandates and passports that “there comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society.”

Time and again throughout the pandemic, Biden and company have routinely demonstrated that they aren’t the least bit concerned with preserving the constitutional liberties of the American people. At every opportunity, they have harnessed COVID-19 to grow the power of the state and decimate civil liberties across the board. Whether it’s been the forced closures of hundreds of thousands of small businesses or requiring vaccine passports in cities like New York and San Francisco, the covidian cultists have never stopped pursuing their Marxist utopia.

But make no mistake about it; they’re just getting started. Everything Australia has done to “fight” COVID is merely several steps ahead of the state violence, arm-twisting, and coercion Biden and his band of misfits also rely upon for their own authoritarian agenda.

While the United States has certainly witnessed somewhat similar initiatives already, the worst elements of the Pacific nation’s COVID response have yet to reach our shores. If Americans wish to fight back against the oncoming totalitarianism from our own government, learning from the complacency and failures of the Australian people is a good place to start.