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The Left Has Made It Perfectly Clear: There Are No Civilians In The Fight For Life, And We Must All Speak Up Now

The Texas Capitol in Austin, Texas. Nicolas Henderson/Flickr.

The city of Portland moved to ban official business with — and travel to — Texas Friday, after a Lone Star State law went into effect protecting babies with a heart beat from being aborted.

It’s not surprising; Portland’s been flirting with dangerously illiberal secessionist thinking for a while now. Just last year, they allowed the federal government’s courthouse and officers to come under violence siege for weeks, even referring to lawful federal officers as “occupiers.” Threatening neighboring governments fits in perfectly (and even trails the California government).

Does banning business with another American government sound illegal? No one cares: More and more, even asking if something is legal has been relegated to a relic from a time and place that no longer exists in our country. There is no more “legal” or “illegal” — all that matters is whether something is desired by the leftists in charge.

Be it sanctuary cities, bathroom laws, or just calling Tony Fauci on his lies, much of the modern left feels more and more justified in any action they take to shut you down or oppose you, regardless of the law. Antifa may be among the foot soldiers, but recall how the party’s elites cheered them on while covering for their violence. Their tactics might be different, but their mindsets are the same.

And nothing — nothing — is more sacred to the left than abortion. Having long shed the “safe, legal and rare” lie of the 1990s, the abortion of children has achieved an Arc of the Covenant-like status, with all who touch or even approach it becoming worthy of pitiless destruction. Simply speaking of it without active celebration is heresy.

Free speech in support of a state law protecting babies, for example, is absolutely haram. In line with this, internet-server provider followed Amazon Web Services’ lead on censorship last week, banning the pro-life group Texas Right to Life.

Why? They had the gall to set up resources for reporting illegal abortions. Indeed, banning Christian and pro-life organizations from the internet became so popular, DigitalOcean, a company that had signed a deal with Texas Right to Life but had not even launched a site, jumped onto the good publicity train. Thanks to their ridiculous public crowing, they earned “news” article after news article of free publicity (a quick Bing search for “GoDaddy DigitalOcean” reveals the commercial benefits to attacking the unborn).

While a conservative Washington, D.C. non-profit was finally able to connect Texas Right to Life with a server that wouldn’t restrict their constitutionally protected right to speak, a loose network of hackers has actively worked to uncover them, goaded on by leftwing “journalists.”

You don’t even need to be actively engaged in the battle to be targeted for destruction. After John Gibson, the president of video game developer Tripwire, “outed” himself as being pro-life, at least one business client threatened to end their contract and Gibson was pushed to resign. The company he’d co-founded even released a statement condemning him.

“Our leadership team at Tripwire,” they wrote, “are deeply sorry and are unified in our commitment to take swift action and to foster a more positive environment.”

Our country’s self-proclaimed artist class in Hollywood, of course, is here for it all.

The new rules, if they can be called that, are as clear as they can be: Do not touch, do not even approach, and if you speak, speak only in worship and praise.

This is the new reality, this is the America they want — and it is the America we will have if we don’t loudly and publicly fight with every ounce of breath and strength we have, speaking with force, demanding action, and supporting the small but growing economy of Christian-friendly companies working to build the infrastructure we need to even engage in speech and commerce.

This fight is real, it’s here, and it’s coming for every Christian and pro-lifer who opens his mouth. John Gibson, the people who fight for Texas Right to Life, and those working to keep their ministry alive in the face of threats and danger are not the other — they are the best versions of ourselves, and we can’t let them fight alone: We must support Texas, we must support every person who takes a hit for it, and we must be prepared to be hit ourselves.

Every little girl and little boy spared death by this new law needs us — and we’re in it together.