Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford

Christopher Bedford is a senior editor at The Federalist, chief communications officer at RightForge, the host of “Culture War,” vice chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, a board member at the National Journalism Center, and the author of “The Art of the Donald.” His work has been featured in The American Mind, National Review, the New York Post and the Daily Caller, where he led the Daily Caller News Foundation and spent eight years. A frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business, he was raised in Massachusetts and lives on Capitol Hill. Follow him on Twitter.

The Effort To Punish Rittenhouse’s Heroism Isn’t About Just Him — It’s About You, Me, And Anyone Else Who Resists

For the hard left, this is only the start of the battle, not its end. When the rules work out badly for the left, they don’t start playing by them. They try to change the rules.

How COVID Lockdowns Handed Global Warming Extremists The Tools To Crush Freedom

Wouldn’t it be grand, our technocrats think, if they could turn the COVID-19 emergency into a permanent emergency over climate? The possibilities are limitless.

The Battle For Virginia Is Far From Over — And The Hardest Fighting’s Still Ahead

Glenn Youngkin, good man as he seems to be, is not a stand-in for active and engaged parents. If they leave the field, he will not succeed.

In Virginia, The Consultant Class Fades As The New Culture Wars Dawn

The decision to overrule liberal consultants and sign a pledge against critical race theory was the first indication of change — and saw Glenn Youngkin beat out the favorite for the nomination.

Conservatives As Revolutionaries: How To Fight When You’re An Alien In Your Own Land

Today, the left is better at revolutionary ideas, in part because they’re willing to be revolutionary in their thinking and in their governing.

Kyrsten Sinema, John McCain, And The Bad Omens For Democrats’ Wildest Dreams

The two sides of the Democratic Party aren’t singing from the same songbook. When they negotiate, they’re speaking right past each other.

Southwest Is A Window Into Modern Tyranny. So Will The GOP Fight Back?

You don’t need to stamp out constitutional rights in the so-called ‘private sector’ — you just have to make government so big and so important that the private sector barely exists.

Freedom From Censorship: Inside The Battle To Build A Second Internet

‘Wherever despotism abounds,’ President Calvin Coolidge warned nearly a century ago, ‘the sources of public information are first to be brought under its control.’

The Left Doesn’t Actually Care About ‘Democracy,’ They Just Want To Get Their Way

After Democratic activists stalked Sinema into a bathroom to harass her, one climate activist remarked, ‘Not being able to pee in peace is a reasonable consequence for betraying democracy.’

First Workers, Now Blacks: Democrats’ Betrayals For Big Business Are Piling Up, But Can Republicans Seize It?

Now roughly 72 percent of black New York City residents aged 18-44 are banned — banned — from entering dining establishments.

The Bishops’ Misapplication Of Catholic Charity, And The Evil On Our Southern Border

More than any other religious group, it is America’s Catholic bishops who lend moral support and cover to the current border situation.

The 3 Most Important Things To Corporate Media Don’t Matter At All (And That’s The Point)

Good government is hard. It’s often boring and unrewarding. Some of the most important policies we can enact won’t make for a good cable news hit — but we need them.

Superstitions And Frightened Villagers: COVID America Looks More And More Like Feudal Europe

Far from resembling traditional American federalism, the different responses to COVID are more reminiscent of the paranoid isolation of feudal Europe’s villages and walled cities.

There’s A Reason DC Democrats Are Always Winning, Even When They Lose

When it matters, Republicans look around and say, ‘Oh no we can’t do that, we’d lose a man. The Democrats would take seats.’ They are virtually a majority for the sake of being a majority.

The Left Has Made It Perfectly Clear: There Are No Civilians In The Fight For Life, And We Must All Speak Up Now

This fight is real, it’s here, and it’s coming for every Christian and pro-lifer who opens his mouth. But we have to keep speaking and accept the price of doing so.

Afghanistan Was A Bipartisan Disaster, And We Must React Accordingly

There’s no nice way to say this, but somebody has to: There have been a lot of bad reactions on the right to the Afghanistan calamity.

The White House Hopes We Can All Forget Afghanistan (And The Press Will Help)

The right people want to see this administration get back to the things they elected them to do — and so they’re going to. It’s as simple as that.

10 Years Ago, The GOP Had No Future. Trump Changed That, But The Path Is Far From Certain

The next presidential election aside, if the GOP is to still win elections in 2028 or 2032, they need to become the kind of party America’s working and middle classes caught a glimpse of in 2016.

Unlimited Power: The Latest Supreme Court Dissent Is A Window Into The Mind Of The COVID Bureaucracy

The left thinks its power is so broad as to be essentially limitless, and so singularly vested as to be checked virtually solely at its own discretion.

You Don’t Need To Go To Kabul To See The End Of American Order. It’s Right Here Among Us

In many of our major cities, gangs of masked thugs and criminals do what they please — and our far-better-armed police aren’t allowed to stop it.