Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford

Christopher Bedford is a senior editor at The Federalist, the vice chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, a board member at the National Journalism Center, and the author of The Art of the Donald. His work has been featured in The American Mind, National Review, the New York Post and the Daily Caller, where he led the Daily Caller News Foundation and spent eight years. A frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business, he was raised in Massachusetts and lives on Capitol Hill. Follow him on Twitter.

Corporate Media Don’t Understand Religion For The Same Reason They Don’t Understand America: Politics

It’s no wonder the left and its defenders and scribes in corporate media don’t understand Catholicism. Through the lens of American politics, how could they?

The Great Lie About John F. Kennedy, The Bishops, And The American Catholic Church

The basic John Kennedy story says his speech on religious tolerance was a great step for Catholics in America. It’s a very nice story; too bad it isn’t true.

A Who’s Who Of Left-Wing Hacks: Behind The Aspen Institute’s Upcoming Report On Silencing Dissent

For the past six months, this liberal Dream Team has been hard at work on their big report to help the federal government work with corporations to squash news they call ‘disinformation.’

‘Pride Month’ Is Now An Industry Targeting Children As Young As 3, But There Is A Resistance

In American society, Pride is no longer a cardinal sin — the root of all sins. In 2021, it’s an industry. Step aside, gay parade: June is now the month to celebrate this new complex.

How The New York Times Tried To Intimidate U.S. Catholic Bishops With A False Headline

It lacks any facts because it’s a pressure piece, pure and simple, designed to intimidate America’s bishops into doing what The New York Times thinks they should do.

The Media Didn’t ‘Get It Wrong’ On Lafayette Park, They Lied To America — And They’re Still Lying

On June 1, 2020 and afterward, corporate media didn’t simply get it wrong, they flagrantly and shamelessly lied to Americans in order to hurt the president.

Hate Crimes Against Catholics Are Multiplying (But Politicians And Media Don’t Want To Talk About It)

When churches are desecrated and believers are humiliated, politicians and the media lick their fingers, put them in the air, and decide to keep quiet.

How The Media’s COVID Lies Weaken America

What happens when the next big disease rolls around? And what if it’s one that’s actually as deadly as people thought COVID might be? Who can people trust?

Don’t Let John Cena Distract: Oppression Is Here At Home, And Politicians Don’t Want To Talk About It

In this country it’s easier to defend Taiwan than it is to defend the people who are vilified in schools, corporations, and by politicians for being white.

Republicans Keep Making Completely Unforced Errors So The Media Will Like Them

Leadership isn’t imposed from speeches by people who had power and failed to exercise it prudently, and no one wants to hear from Paul Ryan.

Drug Legalization Is A Disaster, And Your Leaders Don’t Care About You

Normalizing drug use is no longer an idea, it’s a reality. And if you want to see what that reality looks like, take a walk through once-thriving downtown Denver.

Why The Biden White House Declared War On Classical Beauty In Architecture

On Monday, President Joe Biden broke with a century of precedent by demanding the resignations of four members of the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts.

Bishop Moves To Remove Beloved Priest Who Preaches Against Sins Of Liberalism, Vaccine Mandates, Wicked Clergy

The same homilies that made a local priest in a beaten-down part of western Wisconsin an international draw also attracted attacks from the city’s left-wing newspaper.

Biden Purges Non-Partisan US Commission On Fine Arts In Unprecedented Move Against Popular Classical Architecture

President Joe Biden launched an unprecedented purge of the U.S. Commission on Fine Arts Monday, demanding the resignation of four of the seven members.

Exactly How Corporate Media Launders Opinion To Attack Inconvenient People And Facts

It’s called ‘the news,’ and here’s how it worked for Arkansas’ Sen. Tom Cotton’s completely plausible theory that COVID-19 came from a Chinese lab.

The Price Of Virtue Signaling Is Getting Higher And Higher, But We Can Fight

In 2004, not liking gay marriage made you uncool. In 2021, it might make you a hate criminal — and no amount of past Democratic donations, good liberal activism, or yard signs will save you.

Behind The Curtain: How The New York Times Manufactures Lies For Democrats To Attack Their Opponents

These kinds of things aren’t one-offs, they’re how corporate media and the Democratic Party work in tandem to defeat their conservative opponents.

The Cost Of Virtue Signaling Is Getting High — And Leading Directly To A Social Credit System

‘Black out your square’ on Instagram? That was last year. ‘Get your injection’ on Instagram and then your vaccine papers? That’s the new thing.

FBI’s Failed Ron Johnson Set-Up A Case Study In How Agencies Use Corrupt Reporters To Peddle Lies, Hurt Their American Enemies

For years now, a number of the country’s most prominent publications have assumed the groveling role of palace guards for the state and its friends in Congress.

Politico’s Playbook Is A Perfect Encapsulation Of The Self-Obsessed, Out-Of-Touch Reality Of Corporate Media

How, you might ask, could Politico’s Playbook possibly report on a country they don’t even begin to understand, never mind defend its morality? It’s delusion, of course.