Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford
Christopher Bedford is a senior editor at The Federalist, the vice chairman of Young Americans for Freedom, a board member at the National Journalism Center, and the author of The Art of the Donald. His work has been featured in The American Mind, National Review, the New York Post and the Daily Caller, where he led the Daily Caller News Foundation and spent eight years. A frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business, he was raised in Massachusetts and lives on Capitol Hill. Follow him on Twitter.
Reminder: Elizabeth Warren Is A Known Liar Who Will Lie Again And Again To Get What She Wants

Warren has lied about being an American Indian, about sending her kids to private school, and even being fired from a teacher position for being pregnant. And now she’s lying about Bernie Sanders.

The War For The Democratic Party Will Destroy Lives And Change Our Country

An important story lost below the din of the primaries, impeachment, and rallies, is the growing party rancor toward a vocal left flank the politicians have correctly identified as weakened.

The Cult Of Pelosi Is A Deadly Thing For Democrats’ Future

The cult of Pelosi isn’t just a ‘hot take’ or a ‘be smart,’ it’s a mindset through which Washington’s media elites interpret the world. It’s false, and the harsh light of reality easily shows as much.

The Murder Of My Beloved IPA And The Rise Of The Great Pretender

There was a golden age once — lasted maybe two decades — where you could walk into a bar in any good-sized city, order the local IPA, and be satisfied. Those days are gone.

BREAKING: U.S., Iraqi Officials Accuse Iran Of Shooting Down European Passenger Jet

A European passenger jet crash that killed all 176 passengers and crew in Iran during Wednesday night’s hostilities is under intense international scrutiny after rapid explanations raised suspicions.

Media Coverage Of Iraq Is A Case Study Of Ignorance And Manipulation

‘Repercussions mount over U.S. strike, with Iran nuclear deal pullback and Iraq call for U.S. troop pullout,’ the Los Angeles Times tells us, waiting 14 paragraphs to explain the resolution is not binding.

Killing Soleimani Was The Right Move, And Shows Precisely Why It’s Time To Leave Iraq

That President Trump had to make this call, how, and the mortal danger to American assets it presents, illustrate exactly why U.S. forces should not spend a day longer in Iraq.

BREAKING: Iran’s Shadowy Leader Of Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force Killed By American Airstrike In Iraq

Iran’s Qassim Soleimani and Iraq’s Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis were killed in American airstrikes near Baghdad International Airport.

There’s A Very Real Reason The Phrase ‘As A Millennial’ Fills Us With Contempt

Word for word, ‘as a millennial’ might seem as innocuous a sentence-starter as any. Playful, maybe. No harm in it. That just makes it worse.

Bernie Has Always Had A Path To Victory. The Media Missed It (Again)

While Democratic candidates have pushed for a $30 trillion Medicare for All plan, citizenship for illegal immigrants, forced racial busing, and a ‘Green New Deal,’ somehow the press continued to write Sanders off as too radical.

Notre Dame De Paris Still In Grave Danger, ’50 Percent Chance It Will Be Saved’

The Notre Dame de Paris is still in grave danger of collapse, the cathedral monsignor warned reporters Christmas Eve at a nearby church.

A Right, Proper, And Manly Guide To The Cocktails Of Christmas

it is right, proper and manly to raise our glass in the traditions of the merry gentlemen who’ve raised theirs before us, God rest ’em.

Why Democrats’ ‘Impeachment’ Is An Insult To Their Base

It was all calculated political theater, and almost certainly a play that will turn sour for her party while misfire after misfire confuses her base, incenses Republicans, and alienates the rest of us.

Why Impeachment Is A Massive Blunder For Nancy Pelosi

Despite Wednesday’s long-expected vote and the media cheer group accompanying it, impeachment is going terribly for the Democrats.

FISA Court: Carter Page ‘Misconduct… Calls Into Question’ Every Warrant FBI Ever Asked For

The FISA Court harshly rebuked the FBI in a Tuesday afternoon order, saying FBI misconduct in applying for warrants against the Trump campaign calls all past warrant applications into question.

Skiing: Freedom’s Final Frontier

Next time you hit the slopes, consider the bureaucrat by whose kindness your weekend will be spent.