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How Hollywood Is Pushing Abortion Propaganda And What To Do About It


Madeline Fry Schultz talks about her recent article and discusses how entertainment outlets are pushing the abortion agenda onscreen.


On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Madeline Fry Schultz, assistant contributors editor at the Washington Examiner, joins Federalist Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss her article “Abortion is always a tragedy. No Hollywood treatment can cover that up” and how entertainment outlets are pushing the abortion agenda onscreen.

“Now you see it constantly in TV and part of this is because the people who write the shows really want to kind of push this agenda of abortion being good in all circumstances,” Schultz said. “And it doesn’t even always make sense for the show — it doesn’t always fit into the plotline. Sometimes it’s just kind of stuck in there so that they can say, you know, in case anyone ever asked us how we feel about abortion, ‘we think that women should be able to make this decision.’ So you’re seeing much more commonly in the past few years and you’re also seeing Planned Parenthood get involved in these storylines.”

The abortion industry’s push to monetize baby-killing propaganda on screens is growing but Schultz said all hope is not lost.

“We’ve been talking about all of the craziness of Planned Parenthood influencing Hollywood and all of these abortion storylines in TV … I think it’s important for us not just to focus on the negative but really important to highlight positive,” she added. “So seek out people who are representing pro-family values and to create art that represents the beauty of motherhood and family, so that we’re not just saying ‘okay this other stuff is bad’ and we’re offering an alternative.”