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Despite Not ‘Following The Science,’ Biden Says Leaders Forcing Masks On Kids Are ‘Heroes’

Joe Biden

Data suggests children are at low risk of transmitting COVID-19, yet President Joe Biden praised people who go against this science and force children to wear masks as “heroes.”

“To the mayors, school superintendents, educators, local leaders who are standing up to the governors politicizing mask protection for our kids, thank you. Thank you as well. Thank God that we have heroes like you,” Biden said during his address on prescription drugs Thursday afternoon.

Biden also allied himself with the pro-mask activists by expressing support for their efforts and encouraging other Americans to do the same.

Scientific studies are clear that COVID-19 transmission among children is much lower than adults but that hasn’t stopped the administration, the CDC, and teachers unions from pushing for students and vaccinated teachers to mask up this fall. As experts wrote in the Wall Street Journal this week, the CDC reports that for the week of July 31 the rate of hospitalization with COVID for children ages 5 to 17 was 0.5 per 100,000, about 250 patients.

A handful of Republican governors and state legislatures took steps to ban mask mandates from public schools but some Democrat-controlled cities are already taking steps to defy them.

Dallas Independent School District in Texas proudly announced this week that it would require face coverings for teachers and students, who are at lower risk of getting or transmitting COVID-19 than they are the seasonal flu, despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s order barring them from doing so.

A Dallas district judge previously issued a temporary restraining order on Tuesday blocking Abbott’s executive order from enforcement which prompted Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins to issue a new mask mandate for the county on Wednesday for schools, daycares, businesses, stores, restaurants, and any Dallas County building.