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Guy Who Thinks You Should Die At 75 Wants To Take Over FDA

Ezekiel Emanuel

Ezekiel Emanuel, who previously claimed people shouldn’t live past 75, is reportedly being considered as a nominee for FDA commissioner.


President Joe Biden is reportedly considering naming Ezekiel Emanuel, who clearly stated that he doesn’t believe older people contribute to society and that he wants to die by 75, to head the Food and Drug Administration as its permanent commissioner, Politico reports. 

Emanuel, 63, served as an adviser on Biden’s campaign before joining the new administration’s COVID-19 advisory board. During his time there, he called for prolonged lockdowns to fight COVID-19.

Politico notes that “Emanuel has little experience in drug policymaking and has never worked at FDA,” but claims that he is in the running for the top position after years of appealing to Democrats and their agenda.

“He’s won allies within the administration due to his background aiding the Obama administration, health policy ‘vision’ and broader knowledge of the government,” the article stated.

Emanuel built his reputation with Democrats and Biden after previously leading the Obama administration in their efforts to create the Affordable Care Act. Emanuel appears to have found long-lasting favor with Biden and his team such as the scandal-plagued Dr. Anthony Fauci who Politico claims is one of the oncologist’s biggest backers.

The White House denied that Emanuel is being considered for the position, but Politico said that Emanuel “did not rule out being interested in the job if approached.”

The article also noted how other potential candidates will face confirmation battles in the Senate that they probably can’t win.

Biden’s push to choose an FDA commissioner comes as the agency is evaluating whether to offer full approval for the COVID-19 shot. Emanuel previously urged institutions such as universities and healthcare facilities to mandate the virus vaccine.