Podcast: Three New Movies That Capture Current Cultural Angst

Podcast: Three New Movies That Capture Current Cultural Angst

Spoilers are included in this podcast. 

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to share his thoughts on movies such as “The Father,” “Old,” and “Pig” and explain how they capture the current cultural angst.

“One thing that’s in common with all of these movies that we’re gonna be talking about is that you can either buy them or rent them on early access on Amazon or through a few other different streaming places so you can see all of these if you’re in a space where the theaters are still restricted and not showing that many non-big-budget movies,” Domenech said.

“Unfortunately, the big-budget movies of the moment, particularly, I would say ‘Black Widow,’ have really disappointed people who were looking forward to them. They have not lived up to in any way, I think, what folks were hoping to be able to get back to when it came to the theater experience,” he added.

These three films were not necessarily made on big budgets, Jashisnky points out, but portray a larger trend of mid-budget movies that will “outperform their budgets and are going to be sort of that sweet spot for streamers and even for box office films.”

“A lot of these big tentpole movies are gonna have to seek out new IP or rejigger things. We’re gonna get new approaches to the X-Men. There’ll be reboots and things like that, but that also leaves an opening in this time of kind of the streaming uptick to have a lot of these mid-budget and low-budget films that just have a couple of recognizable actors and lean more on the writing, potentially have more success,” Domenech said. 

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