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Cuomo Is Begging New Yorkers To Come Home, But Why Would They?


It is no wonder hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have fled the state. It’s a scary place to be right now. Can you blame them?


Speaking to attendees at a virtual meeting with the Association for a Better New York, New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo pleaded with citizens to return to the state after months of strict coronavirus lockdowns and deadly government scandals. The governor, however, does not deserve the benefit of the doubt; New Yorkers would be wise to stay clear of the state in turmoil.

“Remember, we have to get people back and we have to get people back in volume,” Cuomo said. “If you were to see a 15 percent decline of people coming back to New York City, that would have a devastating impact on the commercial market.”

“We need people coming back,” he said later in his remarks. “Say to your workforce, ‘By Labor Day, everyone is back in the office.’”

What does Cuomo expect, though? This is the man who more than a year ago shuttered businesses, slashed jobs, and instituted policies that led to grandma and grandpa being killed in nursing homes. It has been blunder after blunder.

While Cuomo shut down NYC indoor dining in March 2020 after greenlighting limited capacity dining, it is important to recall what exactly Americans learned soon after. Contact tracing data indicated that a tiny 1.43 percent of coronavirus cases were accounted for in restaurants and bars. Manhattan had a positivity rate of 2.7 percent, while still maintaining the most number of dining options.

New York recorded an 8.1 percent unemployment rate at one point this year, with more residents leaving than any other state. New York and Pennsylvania were found in an April report to have the most small business closure in the country, at 31 percent. All the while destroying the economy based on arbitrary policies unsupported by scientific research, Cuomo directed COVID-positive seniors back to long-term care facilities.

The New York Times reported in April that Cuomo aides altered reports to omit the deaths of approximately 9,000 nursing home residents who contracted COVID-19 under Cuomo’s nursing home policy. The health department did another version of the study “aimed at the scientific press and drafted at the same time by nearly a dozen health officials” that estimated a much higher number of deaths than was included in the original report.

Federal prosecutors are currently probing into the data that culminated in one of the biggest scandals in America. Cuomo was reportedly expected to earn $5.12 million of his book on pandemic “leadership” that has been subpoenaed.

“We need that volume to support the restaurants and the shops, the services,” Cuomo also said in his remarks. “It’s not just about your business. It’s about all the spinoff effect economic activity that your workers bring to the surrounding community.”

Cuomo has also joined the chorus of Democrats seeking to mandate people receive a vaccine. State workers are required as of earlier this week to get shots, or else get tested by the government each week. Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio discussed vaccinations on MSNBC this week, claiming “the voluntary phase is over.”

“We’ve got to shake people at this point and say ‘c’mon now.’ We tried voluntary,” de Blasio said. “We could not have been more kind and compassionate as a country. Free testing …incentives, friendly warm embrace — the voluntary phase is over.”

It is no wonder hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers have fled. It’s a scary place to be, led by tyrannical fools. Last summer alone, it was reported that 420,000 wealthy Manhattan residents jumped ship amid the chaos.

Can you blame them for not wanting to be ruled by an emperor?