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Leftist Logic: You Can Have Surgery To Change Your Sex But Not Your Race


Transracial K-Pop fan Oli London “came out” as Korean this weekend — and now, the left hates him for redefining identity politics.


After years of preaching inclusivity and acceptance of those who feel they were born in the wrong body, the left now draws the line with anyone who identifies as “transracial” or feels they were born as the wrong ethnicity. 

British-born K-Pop fan Oli London made headlines last week when he “came out” on YouTube as Korean. His pronouns are “they/them/Korean/Jimin,” he said. 

An obsession with BTS pop star Jimin prompted London to spend an estimated $150,000 on 18 surgeries since 2013 to more closely resemble the Korean singer. His latest surgeries, which he debuted on YouTube this weekend, included brow and temple lifts to make his eyes appear Asian. London, who also identifies as non-binary, took to Instagram on Thursday to explain his decision.

“Yes I identify as Korean. Yes I’m non-binary. Yes I look like Jimin,” London wrote. “But none of this should be a reason to outcast me from society, to dehumanise me and shame me for being who I am, a non-binary Korean person. I will never stop being the person I was born to be!”

You’d think London would be widely supported by the base who praises self-made identity. But despite London’s support for transgenderism, the LGBTQ community retaliated against him, attacking London’s statement and calling him racist… all because he wasn’t born Korean.

It was only a matter of time before the relentless promotion of self-identification as truth blew up in the left’s face.

Paper Magazine called London “a notable example of the Western fetishization that’s objectified us based on South Korea’s recent contributions to global culture,” citing “members of the LGBTQIA+ community” who “were also not too happy about Oli’s announcement.” The New York Post refused to use London’s preferred Korean identification, opting instead to call him a “British born white influencer.”

The left has been pushing identity ideology for some time — and now, they’re seeing the effects of it. By trans logic, London’s so-called transition has no faults. He felt uncomfortable in his body and decided to identify as something different. 

In his own words: “Being transsexual is the same as being transracial because you are born in the wrong body.”

London has a point. The left doesn’t classify someone based on the criteria that a person is biologically a woman or a man, only if they identify as such. Shouldn’t the same principle carry over when it applies to something like biologically inherited ethnicity? 

One Twitter user criticized London of cultural appropriation: “I’m sorry, but you can’t just choose to be Korean. It’s a nationality and an ethnicity — you have to be born Korean! Just because you like the culture, doesn’t mean you can take it and become it. There is a way to appreciate a different culture, this is not it.”

Well said. Now replace “Korean” with “male/female” and “culture” with “gender” — the hypocrisy is too much. London is being attacked for the very thing the left claims as truth: Identity is in the eye of the beholder. 

Race is a leveraging tool leftists can’t afford to give up. They’ve done an exceptional job of reminding us that there are different races and that no matter what, the differences between each are inescapable and must be accounted for. Now that their own ideology is threatening, well, their own ideology, it’s not so black and white.

Since the emergence of ideas like critical race theory, leftists have bolstered calls for white people to apologize for and deny their own skin color. White people are told to be intensely and embarrassingly aware of their skin color. London just cheated the system. 

Maybe we should follow in his footsteps. Forced to attend race training at your workplace because you’re white? Just identify as black. Is your kid’s teacher telling him he’s responsible for the death of thousands of Native Americans? Send him to school in a headdress.

It’s time the left learned a lesson: When you base identity on feelings instead of fact, nothing is off-limits. The destruction of identity ideology is the ideology itself. All we have to do is sit back, guard our genitals, and watch it burn.