Why American Exceptionalism Stands Up To Leftist Scrutiny

Why American Exceptionalism Stands Up To Leftist Scrutiny

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Daily Signal columnist Jarrett Stepman joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to break down why the progressive left’s rage tends to always be aimed at America. Comments like Ilhan Omar’s comparison of the U.S. to Hamas are spurring on that hatred inward instead of at other foreign enemies.

“I think that the view of history is very much skewed to thinking well if America and the United States, what it was built on is not perfect, it must be wicked … these arguments are made by people who are gathered in the streets who attack statues and attack American history in the last year,” Stepman said.

“These really are the children of [Howard] Zinn. The people who think that to fix America, you have to tear it down, you have to pull it out root and branch. That really is the heart of their philosophy,” he said.

Stepman said the U.S. has made its fair share of mistakes but “that doesn’t mean that ultimately our system is something that people don’t want, that they reject.”

“We have lifted up the world to a large extent because of our system and I think that that’s something to celebrate. Tt’s not something that I think for the Ilhan Omar’s in the world or those who basically make an equation between us and other terrible regimes around the globe want to promote. They certainly like the idea of the oppressor versus oppressed but the fact is a lot of these things that we take for granted every day are a result of America’s rise to the top within the global system and I think that is something we’re celebrating even if the United States is not a perfect country and certainly never will be, it’s certainly something worth celebrating.

You can find Stepman’s book “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past” here.

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