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McCarthy To Members Of Congress: ‘Our Country Is In Crisis’

Kevin McCarthy

House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a memo to colleagues on Sunday, outlining the nation’s crises six months into the Biden agenda.


House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a memo to colleagues on Sunday, outlining the nation’s crises six months into Biden pursuing his agenda with unified control of the federal government.

“Operation Warp Speed has brought our country back from the brink,” McCarthy wrote, trumpeting a pillar of success under the Trump administration, which aggressively sought the development of COVID-19 vaccines in record time — and with them, a return to normal. “This should be a time when that optimism is met with more opportunity. Instead, our country is in crisis.”

McCarthy noted that economic decay has accelerated under the Biden administration, provoked by the extended Democrat lockdowns and exploitation of the pandemic to pass trillions of dollars in spending. Democrats then masked the ensuing economic fallout with expanded unemployment benefits and direct-payment checks as inflation began soaring, exposing the deteriorating health of the U.S. economy.

“Americans planning to get back into the office and travel with their families face the highest gas prices in seven years — when Joe Biden was Vice President,” McCarthy wrote. “If they are in the market to buy a car, the sticker shock is forcing them to reconsider or pay significantly more than the asking price.”

Gas prices skyrocketed in the immediate aftermath of the five-day Colonial Pipeline shutdown after a ransomware attack in May, handing the young administration, which remains dedicated to the advancement of the progressive Green New Deal agenda, its first energy crisis.

Seventeen states declared a state of emergency, and 14 reported gas outages. While the pipeline came back online, gas prices have remained high through Memorial Day and are expected to stay elevated to their pre-Trump levels through the summer.

Without mentioning it explicitly by name, McCarthy also took a swipe at the Biden administration’s gift to Russia in the form of Nord Stream 2, a pipeline to carry Russian fuel into Germany, eroding U.S. leverage in energy diplomacy.

“The price shocks,” McCarthy wrote, are in part “fueled from a wave of cyber-attacks that have knocked out gas and food supplies. Rather than use the American government to confront these threats, the Biden administration is rewarding Russian energy companies and Chinese-owned technology companies.”

The Biden administration backed off bans of the Beijing-backed apps TikTok and WeChat last week.

Meanwhile, major metropolitan crime has terrorized American residents while left-wing animosity toward police remains high and migrants flood the border, McCarthy emphasized.

“In addition to the economic uncertainty, American communities are experiencing historic increases in violent crime,” McCarthy wrote, poking at Vice President Kamala Harris, who has been tasked with handling the migrant crisis and laughs whenever she’s asked if she plans to visit the border. “The Democrats have responded standing with calls to defund the police and open our borders. In fact, the border crisis has led to terrorists trying to enter our country. The Administration’s response: laughter.”