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How H.R. 1 Would Massively Corrupt Elections Nationwide

H.R. 1 is nothing more than a power grab, delivering a decisive blow against electoral honesty, integrity, and transparency.


H.R. 1, the grossly misnamed “For The People Act,” approaches its day on the Senate floor later this month. As that date approaches, it bears repeating: this legislative priority of congressional Democrats that seeks to permanently alter our elections is not only unconstitutional but wrong. Ultimately, the bill aims to serve only corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C. rather than the people it promises to support.

The bill’s author, Rep. John Sarbanes, D-Maryland, has called this legislation a “once-in-a-generation reform effort [that] will end decades of dysfunction in Washington, return the power to the people, and build a more just, equitable, and prosperous country for all Americans.”

When you put it like that, the legislation sounds amazing. Who wouldn’t want to make sure each and every American finally had the power of the federal government back in his hands? Who wouldn’t want to make voting fairer and equally accessible for all Americans?

The harsh reality of H.R. 1, however, is that it will accomplish none of those things. Instead, it will silence your voice in Washington, support the corrupt political establishment that rules over our lives, and effectively federalize and micromanage the electoral process for years to come. It will ensure absolute power for the current elected officials serving in Congress and prevent the emerging new era of leadership this country so desperately needs.

Despite the rehearsed platitudes of the talking heads in the legacy media and congressional Democrats on Capitol Hill telling us this is good for the country, an attempt to “save democracy,” or even good for the American people, we mustn’t forget the facts.

Several poison pills are buried inside this legislation that should be called the “For the Politicians Act.” First, a particularly egregious part of this bill would create something called the My Voice Voucher Program, which is designed to give taxpayer-funded gift cards to constituents to use for political donations and will use federal funds to match those donations. For general elections, donations will be matched a whopping 6:1. Not only is this an incredibly reckless way to spend taxpayer dollars, but it creates a political welfare system for candidates and incumbents.

Meanwhile, the bill’s provision legalizing ballot harvesting would lead to an unprecedented amount of fraud and the automatic registration of ineligible voters while restricting the ability to later remove from the voter rolls anyone who becomes ineligible.

Furthermore, the bill mandates unaccountable redistricting commissions instead of allowing the states to create and draw congressional district lines as outlined in the Constitution.

Remarkably, H.R. 1 would also essentially turn Election Day into Election Month, allowing for 15 days of early voting and the ability to accept ballots 10 days after Election Day.

Quite possibly the most consequential action this bill will take is banning Voter ID, even in states that have already instituted this election security measure. Not only would this pave the way for fraud, but it also diminishes honesty and integrity in any future election.

In our electoral process, we absolutely need reform. We need to make sure voting is fair and equal for everyone. But there is nothing fair or just in manipulating the electoral process. Any degree of election reform must be targeted and respect the constitutional authority granted to individual states to administer elections.

As it stands, H.R. 1 is a giant power grab, delivering a decisive blow against honesty, integrity, and — most importantly — transparency in all future elections while ensuring corrupt incumbent politicians can retain their seats and continue ignoring the will of the people.

Not only is this a bad bill, even by Washington standards it’s a new partisan low. When the country is as divided as it is today, we cannot allow legislation like this to become law. If you care about your voice being heard in D.C., contact your senators today and tell them to vote “no” on H.R. 1.