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Trump: ‘Survival’ Of Country Depends On GOP Wins In 2022

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump prophesized doom and gloom for the nation run by progressives if Democrats are able to maintain a unified grip on power.


President Donald Trump prophesized doom and gloom for the nation run by progressives if Democrats are able to maintain a unified grip on power for more than two years under the Biden White House.

“The survival of America depends upon our ability to elect Republicans at every level,” Trump said at the North Carolina GOP State Convention Saturday, warning Republicans have “no choice” but to strip progressive Democrats of their D.C. trifecta dominating the House, Senate and White House.

“We’re going to defend our freedoms … we have to defend our borders … we have to stand up for our values and we’re going to take back our country,” Trump said.

Trump’s call for electoral action comes as the time is ripe for a new reinvigorated cultural tea party. The original tea party emerged ten years ago when President Barack Obama’s aggressive pursuit of sweeping changes provoked backlash at the ballot box and stripped the Democrats of House control for the remainder of Obama’s tenure.

President Joe Biden has redefined what it means to pursue a progressive presidency within his first six months as a left-wing culture warrior. The integration of state-sanctioned racism under the guise of critical race theory in K-12 education and across federal agencies and the erasure of women’s sports are just two of areas of Biden’s compliance with the left’s dogma.

Meanwhile, economic turbulence, fueled by exorbitant pandemic unemployment benefits, has increased anxieties of inflation bypassing the Federal Reserve’s 2 percent target. Yet, the administration remains insistent on the passage of new massive spending bills regardless of inflation or mounting debt despite the coronavirus pandemic curbed by vaccination.

The Democrats’ inflammation of the culture wars with White House support has already driven the early stages of conservative grassroots activism brewing a new cultural tea party ahead of the 2022 midterms. In Texas, two school board seats in an affluent Dallas-Fort Worth suburb were captured by parents who ran on a campaign against the district’s embrace of Critical Race Theory.

New organizations including Unsilenced Majority and Parents Defending Education have also launched to combat the tide of progressivism emanating from Washington in pursuit of broad societal transformation.

Republicans just need to flip six seats to reclaim the House majority, and one seat in the Senate to assume control of the upper chamber in what will likely be a friendly year for the opposing party of the White House. The first midterms of each new administration have historically been hostile to the party in power.