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Jake Sullivan Says Democrats’ Power-Grab Election Reform Bill Is A ‘National Security Issue’

“The basic notion of democratic reform and voting rights in the United States is a national security issue,” said Biden’s National Security Adviser.


President Joe Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters at a crowded White House press briefing on Monday that there is a national security element behind congressional Democrats’ sweeping election bill.

“I would say the basic notion of democratic reform and voting rights in the United States is a national security issue,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan promoted the election takeover bill, which is expected to be voted on in the Senate soon.

“We are in a competition of models with autocracies and we are trying to show the world that American democracy and democracy writ large can work, can effectively deliver the will of the people,” Sullivan continued.

“And to the extent that we are not updating refurbishing and revamping our own democratic processes and procedures to meet the needs of the modern moment, then we are not going to be as successful in making that case to the rest of the world, to China to Russia or to anyone else. And so there is a national security dimension to this today, just as there was through the decades of the Cold War,” he said.

The Democrats’ H.R.1 is an 800-page bill is plagued with modifications to voting laws that would prevent states from protecting themselves against expanded vote-by-mail options and the lax voter ID provisions that were weaponized in the 2020 election. The legislation is clearly partisan, passing the House of Representatives without any support from the GOP.

The bill is widely condemned by Republicans but leftist sponsors such as the Sixteen Thirty Fund have funneled at least $2 million into passing H.R. 1 and other leftist legislation to further Democrat agendas.

Sullivan’s support of the bill shows how invested the Biden administration is in cementing the questionable practices implemented during the 2020 election in the name of COVID. Some states such as Texas and Georgia have already taken steps in their own legislatures, much to the left’s chagrin, to ensure that loose voting features in their respective states are banned or not made permanent.