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BLM Activist Threatens Kansas City Police: ‘We Gonna Blow Your Motherf-cking Head Off’

BLM in Kansas City

Footage posted by journalist Andy Ngo shows a Black Lives Matter protester threatening to murder law enforcement in Kansas City.


Footage captured Tuesday on the anniversary of the death of George Floyd shows a Black Lives Matter demonstrator in Kansas City threatening to murder law enforcement.

“Cause we’re tired of being shot and killed because we’re gonna get pulled over for air fresheners,” the woman said. “I’m waiting for one of those motherf-ckers to pull me over. Cause, baby, where I’m from, we don’t give two f-cks about the police. Let them kill one of ours. Guess what we doing? We kill one of theirs in Chicago, baby, they continue. We gonna knock on your door. We gonna blow your motherf-cking head off.”

Additional footage of the protest shows people in vehicles trying to make their way through the blocked-off intersection.

In addition to protests in Kansas City, police declared a riot in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Tuesday after rioters smashed windows and blocked traffic. Gunshots were fired in Minneapolis, where a festival had been planned, and caused reporters to scramble while live on-air. One person was reportedly injured in the incident.

Floyd’s family went to the White House to meet with President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as Democrats seek to pass the Justice in Policing Act, a bill that was received in the Senate in March. The measure would ban chokeholds, which Rafael Mangual, a senior fellow and deputy director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute, previously told The Federalist is a bad move.

“Obviously no one wants to see excessive force used on anyone when it’s not necessary,” Mangual said, “but the mere fact that we’ve had a handful of controversial cases involving chokeholds, I’m not sure that that should justify a blanket ban, particularly when you consider the fact that there are going to be situations in which using that kind of neck restraint could probably mean less force than what might otherwise end up being used because an effective grappling technique was taken off the table. … Proposals like that kind of failed to appreciate some of the nuance involved in policing.”