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Israel Defense Forces Take Out Terrorist Tunnels And Rocket Launch Sites With Airstrikes

Israel strikes

Israel Defense Forces launched airstrikes against terrorist groups Tuesday into Wednesday in response to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad aggression.


Israel Defense Forces (IDF) continued to launch airstrikes against Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza late into Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning in response to Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad aggression.

The IDF’s “Guardian of the Walls” operation has intercepted about 90 percent of rockets being fired toward the Iron Dome in Israel. Terrorists in Palestine have launched more than 3,750 rockets, while about 500 have fallen in Gaza. The IDF confirmed its military operation has located and struck the homes of 12 senior Hamas commanders and struck command centers located in Gaza City, among other designated terroristic locations.

This marked the fifth round of airstrikes launched by Israel. Fifty-two fighter jets dropped more than 110 precision bombs in targets underground. The process was about 30 minutes.

Since the IDF has taken out terrorists, destroyed rocket launchers, and destroyed terror tunnels that span miles, the number of rockets launched at Israel has reportedly decreased, according to IDF figures.

On Monday, the Biden administration signed off on a $735 million weapons sale to Israel. The president was asked about the Israel conflict by a reporter in Michigan on Tuesday but evaded conversation.